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Summer 2

English- How to Train Your Dragon

Maths- Time & Shape

Science- Animals including humans 

History- Romans

DT- Slingshot cars

P.E- Ultimate Frisby

R.E- Why do some people think life is a journey?

Music- Blackbird

Value- Courage

Learner Attitude- Reflective Learner

In maths this week we looked for lines of symmetry in 2D shapes, using a mirror! The children then discussed which objects we use daily that have lines of symmetry.

Week 3 - The children in 4M created interactive games all to do with the French vocabulary they have learnt over the term so far.

Week 2 - It was lovely to use the new outdoor classroom to read our class text. The children were using dragon accents to read the dragonese language which was great to hear!

Week 1 - This week the children in 4m completed a fitness circuit with professional footballer, Ella Kinzett. All children tried their very best during the gruelling circuit and made us very proud!