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Summer 2

A fun-filled week creating french games and building dens!

This week in Maths, we used mirrors to find lines of symmetry! We looked at regular and irregular shapes and decided which shapes would have lines of symmetry and which shapes wouldn't. We also discussed objects we would find in our daily lives, that would have lines of symmetry.

Week three- what a week! The children have done amazingly well with assessment week. They have remained focussed and given the assessments 100% effort. We ended the week with the VPJS talent show 2023.

Week 1- The children enjoyed starting their new science topic Animals including Humans on Monday. We discussed the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day.They used mirrors to check their teeth and see if they could count how many they had!

English- How to Train Your Dragon

Maths- Time & Shape

Science- Animals including humans 

History- Romans

DT- Slingshot cars

P.E- Ultimate Frisby

R.E- Why do some people think life is a journey?

Music- Blackbird

Value- Courage

Learner Attitude- Reflective Learner