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Summer 2

What we will be learning in Summer 2:

English -  Stone Age Boy, Lost Happy Endings

Maths - Time, Shape, Measure

Science -

History - Stone Age

D.T - Structures

Computing - Scratch

Physical Education - Cricket, atheltics

Religious Education - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

French - Food

Music - Ukulele

Values - Courage

Learner Attitude - Reflective Learner


Monday 20th June - Friday 24th June 


As part of our history unit of work, The Stone Age - Iron Age, we looked at how Stone Age people survived without supermarkets. We know they couldn't just pop to Tesco or Aldi, so how did they get their food? We found out that nomads were hunter gatherers who ate things like nuts and berries and hunted animals too. Later on in the Neolithic period of the Stone Age, the people became settlers, which meant they settled in one place so they could farm animals and crops. Check out our posters below:




Monday 13th June - Friday 17th June 


The theme of our home learning challenge was fieldwork and exploring our environment. 3D did some amazing fieldwork during the holidays and really embraced the outdoors. Take a look at our amazing work: