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Summer 2

What we will be learning in Summer 2:

English -  The Land of Roar

Maths - Money, shape, time and area

Science - Sound

Geography- Rainforests

Computing - Exploring computer networks

Physical Education -  Tag rugby

Religious Education - Christianity



Values - Love 

Learner Attitude - Reflective learner

Week 6 (18th-22nd July)


This week we had our Chester Zoo! Look at all of the animals that we saw!

Week 5 (11th-15th July)

Reader of the week- Leo & Noah

Achievers of the week- Luke, Sienna and Bobby-Lee

It has been another fabulous and fun-filled week in 4H! We have had a music workshop this week as part of Arts week, which was enjoyed by all! We then had a very artist called Paul Pickford who came in to do some printing with us! The end results were fabulous! Thank you to Mr Tebbutt for organising our workshops!

Week 3 (27th June- 1st July)

Reader of the week-

Achievers of the week- Jaiden, Yuvraj & Seb


I am so proud of the children for their hard work on assessment week. It hasn’t been easy, but they have all shown resilience by trying their best on their tests! For a fun end to the week, we have been to Victoria Park today on a Geography field trip. Our topic this half term is ‘rainforests’ so we compared the Amazon rainforest to Victoria Park. We used our Geography knowledge on the layers of the rainforest and our science knowledge on animals to complete a venn diagram to compare and contrast. We also completed an 8 way thinking diagram as we did some mindfulness in different areas of Victoria Park.

In R.E this term, we have been learning about Christianity. This week and last week, we discussed how Christians use the Bible as a form of guidance in their lives. We looked at some bible stories and created a story map of ‘The Good Samaritan’.

Week 2 (20th-24th June)


Reader of the week-

Achiever of the week-


As always, it has been a very busy week in 4H! We had the Times Tables check on Tuesday. I am so proud of the hard working attitude that all of the children in the class displayed! This week in Geography, we were learning about the weather in tropical rainforests. The children were meteorologists for the afternoon and reported on the weather forecast in the Amazon! 


Our English text this half term is the Land of Roar written by Jenny McLachlan. The story is all about a fictional world that twins Arthur and Rose create. Over the past two weeks, the children have created their own fictional world. They have written a setting description. Here are some wonderful examples from: Leo, Romaisa and Elizabeth! 

Week 1 (13th-17th June)

Achievers of the week- Reuben, Luke & Bonnie W


What a wonderful first week back we have had in 4H! This week our achiever focus was 'feedback' and I've got to say- it was very difficult to chose! I have been so impressed with how much care and attention the children take in their work. They always try to improve and they love feedback! The home learning challenges have also been outstanding! We have had a fabulous range of geography activities. IT has been so interesting to sit and listen to how passionate the children are of our local area and the wider world! Well done 4H!