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Summer 2

English: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

Maths: Problem Solving 
Science: Light 

History: Ancient Greeks  

Design Technology: Tote Bags

Computing: Game making and advertising

Physical Education: 

Religious Education: What matters most to Christians & Humanists? 

French: Jobs 

Values:  Courage 

Attitudes: Reflective Learner 

Monday 20th June- Friday 24th June

This week the children have impressed us with their continued enthusiasm towards their learning about the Ancient Greeks.  We have continued to read Harry Potter, design our own broomsticks and the children even took part in a real 'Sorting Hat' activity.

On Wednesday, the BBC came and shared a story with years 5 and 6.  The focus of the stories were growth mindset, positive thinking and visualisation.

Monday 13th June - Friday 17th June

A super week back after the half term break. The children have really impressed us with their fantastic learner attitudes.


We were visited by the 'Mad Scientists' where they taught us about inventions and discoveries.

In science, the children completed four mini experiments: Bendy Pencil; Can light bend?; Is light white? and Pouring light.  From the results of the experiments, the children learnt about the reflection and refraction of light.

We also shared our Home Learning Challenges all about geography and fieldwork. The new knowledge we all gained by sharing what we had been up to was impressive.