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Summer 2

English- The Lost Happy Endings

Maths-  Money, Length and Perimetre and Mass and Capacity
Science- Flowers

Geography/History - Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

Art/DT - Printing

Computing-  Coding

Physical Education-  Football and athletics

French- Animals


Values / Attitudes - Courage & Reflective Learner 

Monday 12th July - Friday 15th July


Even with the end of the year fast approaching, the quality of learning is still as high as ever in 3O! We have had an extremely busy week, but as always there has been lots of fun, laughter and smiles.


In history, we brought our Stone Age - Iron Age topic to an end by bringing the museum to us. Once again, we became archeologists as we explored different artefacts that had come from this period of time, some of which were 25,000 years old! We used our curious questioner skills to help us deduce what the different objects may have been used for during the time and how they would have impacted on their lives. We also became hunter gathers as we took to spear throwing (with soft tipped spears) and went in search for mammoths and sabre toothed tigers on the field which we could then have for lunch. We also had to put our team worker skills to the test as we worked in our co-op teams to create our own tribes. This involved us thinking about our tribe names; the different roles we would all take up within the camp and then using our reasoning and atlas skills to decide where we in the UK we would build our settlement. Another aspect of life that we looked at was clothing that was worn, and we turned our hands to becoming fashion designers. We had fun creating our own fashion brand and line of clothing and accessories - who knew the Stone Age people could be so fashionable! smiley To end the day, we became independent learners, as we researched different animals that existed during the era and created our own fact-files on these animals. We might even have had time for a little dressing up and photo shoot - strike a pose!

Acting out our roles within our tribal camps

Tuesday 6th July - Friday 9th July


It was great to be back in the classroom with each other this week, and be able to talk to our friends, share some laughter and learn together. Throughout the week the children have demonstrated lots of courage and resilience, having to adapt to different routines and challenges! In maths, we have been showcasing our mathematical ability and have been independent learners. We are all proud of what we have achieved and the progress we have all made is superb smiley We have also had to show lots of courage today, in our TriKidz IronMan challenge. It took a lot of physical effort and mental strength to push our bodies even when we they were tired and it was superb to see everyone take part with a huge smile on their faces. In history, we have continued our Iron Age learning journey, and spent time looking at the different tools and weapons that were invented during this time and the impact they had on lives then and today. We also managed to get back out to our favourite spot in the school - the Wellbeing Wood! It was great to be back out in nature and working in teams to create some wonderful creations. We also finally got around to having our Euros Final this week in PE, and the winning team was Turkey! Every team showed superb sportsmanship skills - great job! yes


Have a little look at a few photos of us in action!

TriKidz IronMan

Playing our pollination games

Monday 21st June - Friday 25th June


As always it has been a busy week in 3O with lots of learning happening! We have also had the time to shine this week and show off our reading skills and SPAG skills - and my goodness me how we all shonesmiley

In English we wrote our short narrative, including speech, to introduce a new character. We also has lots of fun becoming grammar detectives where we had to solve lots of different clues to work out who had stolen the emojis colour! We then also had a treasure hunt around the playground which put our knowledge to the test. In maths, we have been busy measuring different objects, including ourselves, around school and looking at metres, centimetres and milimetres. We have also shown off our conversion skills as we have been finding equivalent lengths. PE saw the return of the Euros after a week off - all teams turned up and goals were scored! Who will win the final next week? In Art, we continued our study of the artist Alaa Awaad and investigated making repeating patterns. Lots of us challenged ourselves to create a repeated pattern which built up upon itself, to create an almost printed effect - we were very proud of ourselves! History saw us move forward slightly in time to have a look at how life had advanced during the Bronze Age civilisation compared to the Stone Age and how they have had an impact on our lives today. We worked together in teams, showing off our wonderful teamworker skills to research a different area of life during this time and then became the teacher as we taught the rest of the class: we think we did a better job than Miss O'Toole does smiley


We hope you enjoy taking a little look at a few photos of us in action and a snapshot of some of the fabulous learning we created! smiley

Our SPAG treasure hunt around the playgroud

Our informative posters on different aspects of life during the Bronze Age

Our art work inspired by Alaa Awaad

Monday 14th June - Friday 18th June


It has been a very active week this week and we are all glad it's Friday today! smiley We have continued to improve our understanding knowledge, which looked at taking away different amounts of money and then becoming shop keepers for the morning and looking at finding totals of amounts and giving change! In English we have been working on creating our own evil character (to replace the witch) and worked hard on using the most appropriate vocabulary and even had a go at creating our own similies that we can include in our narrative next week - we came up with some really impressive ideas! We managed to get out the wellbeing wood again, and after the shock of how overgrown it had become, we got to work building and creating our own Stone Age dwellings and settlements and coming up with different ways in which we could live and survive in nature. PE saw us take some us time and relax and calm our minds, with a little bit of yoga. Friday was then our school trip to Victoria Park, which was great fun! We spent the morning out enjoying nature: creating a college dedicated to birds out of natural objects and then taking on the role of "Victoria Park Improvement Officers" where we carried out a field study of how effective the park currently is at promoting wildlife. We then worked in teams to put together a proposal for how they could be more effective, followed then by a picnic in the park. 


Enjoy having a look through the photos for this week smiley

Wellbeing wood


Trip to Victoria Park

Monday 7th June - Friday 11th June


It was lovely to have everyone back in the classroom this week, sharing stories of their holidays and learning together. We began the week watching a small puppet show production celebrating aspirations and reaching for the stars which was fabulous and got us all thinking again about what we aspire to achieve as we grow older. In maths, we started our new topic of money and have had lots of fun using coins to make different amounts; finding the total of items bought in the shop and converting between pounds and pence! English saw us begin our new class book "The Lost Happy Endings" where we worked on our predicting and inference skills. We also wrote setting descriptions about a forest and looked at how we could create different atmospheres through our vocabulary choices. As the Euros begin this week across Europe, as does our own  version here, as in PE we are hosting our own mini tournament - which team will come out 2021 champions? Finally in history we debated whether the Stone Age civilisation were smart or not, and then used our thinking and reasoning skills to diamond 9 the main achievements of the people during this time. 


Here are a few pictures of us at work, and a snippet of some of the work we produced smiley



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