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Summer 2

Week 4 (28th June- 2nd July)

On Thursday we had the most amazing time at Chester zoo! 4H outshone themselves. They were sensible, enthusiastic and engaged. They represented the school so well and I am very proud! We saw animals such as elephants, red pandas, jaguars, sloths, chimpanzees, penguins, giraffes and so many more! We had a wonderful workshop on rainforests where we learnt about the devastating effects of palm oil on the rainforests. We know what symbols to look out for on products to show that sustainable palm oil has been used. What a brilliant day, well done 4H!

Week 3 (21st-25th June)

Wow, what a busy week we have had! Year 4 had their trip to the park today which thoroughly enjoyable (despite the rain!)  Resilience has been our theme this week. All of the class have shown a brilliant growth mindset towards their learning. Keep it up 4H! We are learning a text called 'Land of Roar' for our English and Guided reading. The children are loving this and are producing some AMAZING pieces of writing! This week, we started to describe the villain of the story (Crowky) and think about how he is similar to other sinister characters that we know of! We compared the characters and are going to combine all of these characteristics together to create our own villains next week! Here are our amazing examples:  

Week 2 (14th-18th June)

We have had another fantastic week in 4H! The children have been working relentlessly at telling the time. Keep up the hard work 4H and keep practising at home! This week in our Geography lesson, we discussed the climate of tropical rainforests. We learnt that a meteorologist is somebody who predicts and explains the weather. For our task, we were meteorologists reporting on the weather forecast for the Amazon rainforest. Here are some photos of us in action!

Week 1  (7th- 11th June)

As always we have had a very busy and enjoyable week! 4H have shown courage in all aspects of their learning. They have worked especially hard in maths as we are learning how to tell the time. Although this is a tricky concept, they have tackled the challenge head on! Here are some examples of brilliant work by: Emily, Hector and Edward.


In science this week, we have started our new unit on sound. For our first lesson, we investigated which area of school had the widest variety of sounds. We went in the hall and on the field. We created a sound map to show our findings. Here are some examples of fantastic work by: Mabel and Dawood.



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