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Summer 1

Summer 1


What we will be learning in Summer 1:

English - Dragon themed Poetry and How To Train Your Dragon

Maths - Fractions, Decimals and Time

Science - Electricity

History - Vikings

Design & Technology - Textiles

Computing - Game Makers

Physical Education - Athletics

Religious Education - Pilgrimages



Values & Attitudes - Love and Clear Communicator

Monday 12th April - Friday 17th April 2021


Reader of the Week - Jasper

Achievers of the Week - Haniya, Lavae and Ben


We had a jam-packed week retuning to school. We completed our fractions work by learning how to find a fraction of an amount, created a timeline of the Vikings in Britain and performed a dragon themed poem to the whole of Year 4! 

Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April 2021


Reader of the Week - Shanay

Achievers of the Week - Zaynab, Dylan and Amelia


We had a lovely week looking at poetry and creating our own poems based on a dragon. Have a look at Mia, Judah and Rowan's poems:

Monday 26th April - Friday 30th April 2021


Reader of the Week - 

Achievers of the Week - Amelia D, Jasper and Aaban 


This week we have continued our work in decimals looking at dividing numbers by 10 and 100. In History, we have looked at how the Vikings lived once they settled in Britain and in Science we got the circuits equipment out and began learning how to make a complete electrical circuit. We finished our poetry unit this week, looking at some different styles and even song lyrics. On Wednesday, we created our own tongue twisters. Have a look below, can you say them all?

Tuesday 4th May - Friday 7th May 2021


Reader of the Week - Rowan

Achievers of the Week - Freya and Rowan


Despite it only being a four day week, we have been working hard in Year 4! In English we have started looking at Myths and reading through a Viking myth to prepare us for our writing next week. We continued our work on Electricity and looked at what makes a circuit complete or incomplete. In RE we learned about the pilgrimage of Hajj and in D&T we sewed our pencil cases. In Maths, we are getting towards the end of our decimal work. Take a look at Ayaan and Shanay's pieces on making a whole and comparing decimals. 

Monday 10th May - Friday 14th May 2021


Reader of the Week - Arthur

Achievers of the Week -  Dylan, Eleftherios, Amelia D


It has been a brilliant week in 4S with lots of learning being done. We have finished our unit on Decimals in maths, looking at ordering, rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and looking at half and quarters as decimals. In English, we are beginning to plan our endings to the Viking myth 'The Hammer and The Cross'. We focused on using fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and direct speech. We enjoyed our History lesson earlier this week. We learned about 'Danegeld' which was the practise of paying the Viking raiders to stay away. We looked at a poem by Rudyard Kipling and then created our own versions about Danegeld. Have a read through work from Lavae, Zaynab, Jasper, Judah, Amelia A, Shanay, Mia and Amelia D who were very proud of their poems!

Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May


Readers of the Week - Aaban and Eshal

Achievers of the Week - Shanay and Ben


This half term has flown by! And it has been a fun (and busy!) week to end it on. In English, we have finished our myths deciding whether Ansgar (the Christian monk) would be saved or killed by Odin, God of War. In Maths, we have looked at interpreting data in bar graphs and pictograms as well as learning about line graphs. In History, we used our research and historical interpretation skills to create a fact file about the Viking Gods, Odin and Thor. In Science, we got the electrical circuit equipment out and investigated which materials were conductors of electricity and which were insulators. On Wednesday, the whole school enjoyed an 'Art Day' where we got to showcase our work and perform songs, poetry and dances to the year group. 4S had been learning the song 'Blackbird' by the Beatles in Music this half term and we sung it to 4H with some of us having a solo! Take a look at some of the pictures of the day: