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Summer 1

Week 6 (17th-21st May)


It has been another fantastic week in 4H! The children have written some brilliant reflections on their achievements over this half term in their diaries. On Wednesday we had 'art day'. 4H performed a song and a poem. Some children also performed dances and played instruments. Everybody in the class showed courage, performing in front of an audience isn't easy! Well done 4H. Here are some photos from our performance. 


In maths this week our topic has been statistics. We have looked at a variety of tables and graphs, including: pictograms, bar charts and line graphs. Here are some line graphs drawn by: Alsharif, Nicola and Molly!

Week 4 (4th-7th May)

As always we have had a very busy week in year 4! In maths this week we have been doing decimals. The children have shown lots of resilience and perseverance when tackling their work and I have been so proud of everybody! Here are some photos of our practical maths work using place value counters and grids. This week we have been dividing a number by 10 and 100 and decimal numbers that make a whole. 4H have worked hard to be clear communicators with their talk partner to explain their answers!

Our science unit for this half term is electricity! This week our key question was ‘how can I make a complete circuit?’ the children used the electricity circuit equipment to work out what the basic key components for making a circuit are. By the end of the lesson, they knew that we need a: battery (cell), wires and a bulb to make a complete circuit.

Week 3 (26th- 30th April)

This week in our values and attitudes session we discussed what non-verbal communication is. We thought about why non-verbal cues are so important and how often we use them without realising! We played a game of charades to practise recognising  non-verbal communication skills! Can you guess what each of the children below are acting out? 


Good morning 4H! I hope that you are well. I will be putting your activities for today up here on our class page (it will not be on teams). 

For your maths this morning, you have a Roman Numerals sheet. I have posted this below. Remember to use the key at the top of the sheet to remind yourself of what the numerals stand for. I will put your English activity on the class page a little later. If you find that you have spare time this morning, remember that you have log ins for tt rockstars, ed shed (which includes spelling shed and maths shed now too). I will be available on my email all day. Mrs Holmes smiley

Below I have posted our English for today. This week we have been reading poems and thinking about what stories the poems tell us. Here is a poem about bluebirds. There are two sets of questions. If you fancy a challenge- go for the challenging ones! 

For our science this afternoon we were due to make some electrical circuits which can't be done at home. I've attached some reading about electricity, there are some questions to answer too- you do not have to answer the questions but I would like you to do the reading. In our first science lesson we discussed appliances that use electricity. If you have some time this afternoon you could go on a hunt around your house to find appliances that run on the main or use batteries- however, if you do this you must be very careful not to touch electrical sockets. 

There are lots of brilliant electricity videos and activities on the bbc website. Here is the link! 

Electricity and conductors - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize


Week 2 (19th April- 23rd)


4H have had another fantastic effort and I am very proud of all of the effort that they have put into their work! 4H have loved playing on the field for afternoon play this week. Here are some lovely photos.




This week in RE we created our own board game! We learnt all about Hindu Pilgrimage Kumbh Mela. Using the knowledge that we had learnt we created our own questions for a board game!


We love to learn outdoors at VPJS! This week we practised our spelling words with a prefix of ‘anti’ outside. We had so much fun!

Sunflower competition!

As part of our outdoor learning, all of the children across school are taking part in a sunflower growing competition! Many children in the class have been nurturing their sunflowers and have been enjoying watching the seeds germinate and continue to grow. Please make sure that you have brought your plant back in to school 4H to be in with a chance of winning the competition!

Week 1  (12-16th April)


What an amazing first week back 4H have had! I have been very impressed with everybody's effort this week. We have been learning about fractions in maths and have started a new English unit of 'dragon poems'. The children designed their own dragon and have used some brilliant vocabulary to describe it! Next week we will be using all of this wonderful vocabulary to write a poem full of similes, alliteration and powerful verbs! Here are some wonderful examples from: Alsharif, Ismaeel, Baye, Isabelle and Mohammad. 



We have been thinking about our value for this half term which is love. We worked really hard on designing an image to represent this value. Here is our class book!