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Summer 1

What we will be learning in Summer 1:

English - Oliver and The Seawigs

Maths - Fractions

Science Light and shadows

History Stone/Bronze/Iron Age

Design Technology Healthy Eating

Computing - PowerPoint

Physical Education - Cricket/Gymnastics

Religious Education  - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

French - Animals

Music -   

Values / attitudes -  LOVE / Clear Communicator

Subordinating Conjunctions

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We have been recapping subordinating conjunctions and subordinate clauses this week. Check out our wonderful singing to the Grammarsaurus song about subordinating conjunctions to the tune of 'The Vengabus is coming'!

Arts Day

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Here is a short clip of 3D performing 'The Sound Collector' for Arts Day 2021.

Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May



This week, we had our 'Afternoon Tea' as part of our D.T. topic 'Healthy Eating'. We baked and prepared everything ourselves, from scones and flapjacks, to sandwiches and fruit salad. We also learnt all about the importance of health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen. We all really enjoyed being able to eat the food we had made ourselves and had a wonderful experience with our friends.






Monday 10th May - Friday 14th May


Art & D.T

Inspired by our English text, Oliver and The Seawigs, we decided to make our very own Seawig this week. We brought in lots of different materials from home to make it as creative and unique as possible. Check out some of our masterpieces!







In Science, we have been learning all about magnets and this week we made our own from clay and painted them.

We think they are good enough to be sold in Stretford Mall!






Tuesday 4th May - Friday 7th May



This week in phonics, we have been looking at the short and long 'oo' sound. We had to sort some words into the two sounds and had an interesting discussion why some accents pronounce the sounds differently.




The Big Ask Survey

This week, we took park in 'The Big Ask' survey for the Children's Commissioner, Rachel De Souza. We looked at some of the rights children have and what the Children's Commissioner actually does. We answered lots of different questions about ourselves which will help Rachel make important decisions about our future.




Monday 26th April - Friday 30th April



This week in maths, we have been exploring tenths. We used a tens frame and the whole-part-whole method to show how many tenths made a whole. We have been trying hard to remember our rule for fractions, particularly the denominator. Ask your child to see if they can remember it!








Continuing with our Stone Age topic, we investigated the key question 'how did Stone Age people live without supermarkets?'.  We looked at 'nomads and settlers' and how they survived in the Stone Age. Check out some of our wonderful informative posters: 







Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April



In maths this week, we have been exploring fractions, in particular equivalent fractions. We had great fun using the fraction tiles to investigate which fractions were equivalent and why. 








In D.T. this half-term, our topic is 'healthy eating'. Our end project is an 'afternoon tea experience' but before we host it, we need to make sure we have chosen the best items so we had a food tasting afternoon on Monday. We were able to sample a range of breads such as pitta, garlic and herb tortilla wraps, crackers and seeded multi-grain bread. For the fillings we had some meat and vegetarian options as well has some fruit. We gave a 'Tripadvisor' style review on each item and described the taste and texture etc. 



Values, Attitudes and Well-Being

Our value and attitude this half-term is 'love and clear communicator'. We explored our value of 'love' and discussed the things that we love and that are important to us. Check out our hearts which are on display at the front on school.




Monday 12th April - Friday 16th April


Welcome back 3D! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate smiley

We are all so excited to be back and are ready to rock and roll for the new term.



This week in English, we started a new book called 'Oliver and The Seawigs'. We all made predictions as to what we think a 'Seawig' is and what we think is going to happen in the book. It is getting very interesting now and we have already started to meet lots of new characters like Mr Culpeper the albatross and Iris the mermaid.




On Thursday, we became gardeners and planted our own sunflower seeds. We used trowels to put compost in pots and made sure we had enough for our seed to grow. 3D will need to remember to spray them with water everyday. We are going to have a competition to see whose sunflower will grow the tallest. Who will be victorious?!




Well-Being Wood and P.E.

We have been loving the sunshine this week so were only too delighted to spend lots of time outside in the Well-Being Wood and doing some cricket on the playground. It was wonderful to see the difference a couple of weeks make in the Well-Being Wood - the flowers had bloomed! In P.E. we continued with cricket to see if we could remember all the skills we had been taught before Easter. Keep practising 3D!