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Summer 1

Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May


We do say every week just how busy and exciting it has been in 3O, but this week has been even more exciting and a very busy one to end the half term on! laugh The excitement began on Monday when we finally got to put all our planning and designing of Afternoon Tea into action by making it. The classroom was transformed into a kitchen and we all became sous chefs as we chopped, sliced, peeled, grated, folded, mixed and baked our way through the day! As well as enjoying making it we also looked at the importance of food hygiene and what steps we needed to take before we could begin our prep. We also carried out our own risk assessment to ensure that the "kitchen" was a safe space to work in. It was a great day and we produced very professional looking and scrumptious Afternoon Teas (Mary Berry watch out!). The excitement continued on Wednesday with our Arts Day, where we performed the song that we had been learning in music this half term and so many of us were really brave and chose to sing a little solo in front of the other Year 3 class. It also allowed us another opportunity to practise our clear communicator skills as we worked in groups to perform a poem and showcase some of our other talents within the arts such as drama, playing the piano, dance and comedy - what a lovely day it was! In maths we have finally finished our fractions topic and it is safe to say that we are now kings and queens of fractions! We have worked incredibly hard on this topic all half term and our confidence has really grown - we are super proud of ourselves! In Values we continued to look at kindness and friendship and how important these two things are both inside and outside of the classroom. We spent some time reflecting on the many different acts of kindness we have done for each other and created our very own kindness tree, and then we took on the role of poets once again as we wrote acrostic poems using these words as inspiration.


Have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy some time for relaxation and lots of fun times! I can't wait to see you back for our last half term together smiley

Our Afternoon Tea

Our Kindness Tree

Monday 10th May - Friday 14th May


This week in 3O we have been busy (as ever) and made the most of all the learning time we have had. In English we have been looking at a poem called "The Sound Collector" and have perfected the art of performance poetry, as we worked in groups and on our own to perform the poem. We even became poets towards the end of the week as we wrote our own poems using alliteration, onomatopoeia and some rhyme. In maths we were learning about equivalent fractions, using our fraction tiles and also looking out for patterns within the numerators and denominators (one pattern we found was that the numerators and denominators had been multiplied or divided by the same number). Within RE we have been looking at the Christian faith and how they demonstrate their faith both in and out of church, and looked at the similarities and differences between their faith and other faiths we have studied. In history, we looked at how important cave paintings were as a communication tool, and designed our own cave painting message in role of hunter gatherers. 

Have a little look at us in action...


Equivalent Fractions

Tuesday 4th May - Friday 7th May

As ever it has been a very active week in 3O and we have been very busy at work! In English we finished our class book, "Oliver and the Seawigs" and enjoyed designing our own version of a Seawigs and using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases to describe them. In maths we have been continuing to learn about fractions and have been looking at finding unit and non-unit fractions of amounts -  which may have involved us using Milky Bar Buttons to help us smiley We also spent time learning about Stonehenge as part of our Stone Age Topic. As part of our work on how to be a "clear communicator" we looked at how we can make other people understand our points of view even if they don't agree with us. We looked at what it means to have a debate and how this can be a useful tool to help us share our opinions in a structured and appropriate manner.


Below are a couple of photos of us in action smiley

Maths - finding fractions of amounts using Milky Bar buttons

PE - Gymnastics

Monday 26th April - Friday 30th April


This week in 3O we have, as always, been busy busy with our learning! In maths we have continued to learn about fractions and have been exploring how to make the whole by adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator; begun to look at what improper fractions are; investigated tenths and how these compare to other fractions and ended the week counting in tenths - and what a fabulous job we did! In English, we worked in our co-op teams to read more of our class book "Oliver and the Seawigs" and showed brilliant teamwork skills throughout this task! yes We also worked up to writing a recount in role as Oliver as he climbed through the heart of Thurlstone to to try and free his parents! In computing, we have been learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and are using it to create "All About Me" presentations: this week we learned how to include pictures on our presentations. Planning our Afternoon Tea was our activity this week in DT. We worked together in our co-op teams to plan what types of sandwiches we wanted to create and the different healthy snacks that were going to accompany them. During this task we demonstrated our ability to be clear communicators as we had to compromise; listen to the opinions of everyone in the group even if we didn't agree and try and become a bit more confident when sharing our opinions. During our Values session this week we looked at what conflict means, what can cause it to happen and then more importantly how we can resolve it. In our class book we then made our own resolution cards with different strategies that we can look back on to help us when things go wrong smiley.

Our "conflict resolution handy hints" cards


In history this week, we have looked at the question "How did Stone Age people survive without supermarkets?". We explored the different lifestyles that they lived: Nomadic and Settlers and the advantages and disadvantages of both these lifestyles. We then worked with our learning partners to create informative posters to showcase our learning! Have a look at what we produced smiley



Nomadic or Settler lifestyle - which lifestyle would you prefer?

Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April


It has been a great week in 3O! We have spent the week enjoying the glorious sunshine and as always being very busy bees with our learning. Our week started with some healthy food tasting in DT (a great way to start the week!) as we began to think about different foods that we could use within our Afternoon Tea, we tried a range of different sandwich fillings, fruit and vegetable and a range of different breads. In maths we have continued to look at fractions: finding fractions of different amounts (this one made our heads hurt a little bit), exploring different fraction which are equivalent to a half and even had a go at counting up in fractions! In English, we have taken on the role of reporters as we write newspaper articles on the disappearance/ suspected kidnap of Mr and Mrs Crisp, and took inspiration from book for our Wellbeing Wood activity where we built our own versions of the "Rambling Islands". As part of our Stone Age Topic, we explored Skara Brae to find out more about how they lived during the Stone Age and if we could find any similarities with how we live today. We also became estate agents as we tried to sell a home within Skara Brae. 


Food tasting

Exploring equivalent fractions using our fraction tiles

Monday 12th April - Friday 16th April


Welcome back smiley 


As always it has been a very busy week with lots of learning taking place! We have kick-started the half term by starting a new book in English, "Oliver and the Seawigs"; began our journey into fractions by recapping what a 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 is and how we can find these of different wholes; travelled right the way back in time to the prehistoric era of the Stone Age; began looking at magnets in Science and looking at the skills that we need to help us become clear communicators as part of our Values and attitudes curriculum. We also spent some time in our wellbeing wood creating our own "roaming islands" inspired by those in our new English book and began the week by delving into the history or Afternoon Tea for our new DT project for the half term, where we have been tasked with designing, making and evaluating an Afternoon Tea for children as a celebration (which we will enjoy at the end of this half term smiley). 


Have a little look at a snippet of our learning this week smiley



As part of our time travel back to the prehistoric era, we took some time to look at some of the prominent events/ eras that are part of history. In our Co-op teams we had to see if we could put different events in chronological order spanning right the way through from the Dinosaur era to modern day. Have a little look at us in action smiley



Throughout the week we have been reading our new class text "Oliver and the Seawigs" and have been building up to, and writing a diary entry in role as Oliver Crisp. We all tried extremely hard with our writing, and we were very proud of ourselves! Here's just a little snippet of what we produced.

Homelearning challenge


Wow! What a fabulous effort we all put in to our home learning challenges over the Easter break! From masks being made, pyramids being built, food being made and information posters and powerpoints - they were fabulous! This is what we created!