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Summer 1



What we will be learning in Summer 1:

English - Kensuke's Kingdom  (Balanced argument, newspaper report writing, character description, diary writing, letter writing, narrative)

Maths - Division / Percentages / Decimals / Arithmetic 

Science -  Living things

History-  Victorian Manchester

Design Technology-  3D structure frames

Computing - Animating stories using Scratch (Computer Science)

Physical Education - Tag Rugby

Religious Education  - Christianity 

French - Hobbies and sports

Music -   Trafford Music Service

Values / attitudes -  LOVE / Clear Communicator

WEEK 6 - (Monday 17th - Friday 21st May 2021)

This week, 5R have continued to work hard and show what fantastic members of 5R and VPJS they are. We've adjusted to returning to school again on Tuesday and shown excellent enthusiasm and concentration this week, which has been lovely to see!


This week, we've continued to work on adding and subtracting decimals including exchanging. We're becoming quite the experts and are now able to explain our reasons to problem solving questions. 

In English, we've continued to work on planning, editing and writing our adventure stories based on Kensuke's Kingdom.

In Music, we enjoyed being back at school to take part in our Trumpet lesson with Mr Thomas.


This week, we particularly enjoyed working with your buddy to create our 3D prototypes for our structures in D&T.

Another highlight this week was practising our song for Arts Day and performing it with actions included to 5M.


A fantastic week for 5R.

Now, it is time for a much deserved break.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Enjoy our home learning challenge all about The Victorians and I can't wait to see your wonderful smiley faces again on Monday 7th June 2021

WEEK 5 - (Monday 10th - Friday 14th May)

This week, 5R have been absolute superstars and I couldn't be more proud. This week, our bubble have been isolating and I've been blown away by the resilience and enthusiasm 5R have shown by adjusting to online lessons again. A huge, huge well done! smiley We know it isn't the easiest adjusting to learning online again but they've done it with such ease and huge smiles on their faces. It's definitely been a delight to see them each morning with a positive attitude and ready to learn. It really does show what a great team 5R are and how they represent VPJS school values excellently. 



This week in English, we've been using our text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' for inspiration to plan our own adventure narratives. We've been thinking about who our main characters will be, drawing and writing about them, planning where our characters will go on an adventure and what might happen to them on the adventure. We started to write our opening paragraphs and they look fantastic already!


Take a look at some of our wonderful opening paragraphs we wrote. 


This week, we've been continuing to work on decimals, fractions and percentages. This week, I've been super impressed by the enthusiasm 5R have shown towards maths. They've all had their hands up eager to answer questions on Teams about decimals and we've had lots of fantastic explanations about word problems and reasoning questions! We've been adding and subtracting decimals within 1 and looking at which decimals make a whole.  Well done, 5R.


This week, we've also enjoyed practising our trumpet (sorry parents and carers) and learning all about Victorian jobs especially jobs which children did and created our own fact files and presentations which look brilliant!

WEEK 3 - (Monday 26th - Friday 30th April 2021)

This week has been super exciting! 5R have had their very first trumpet lesson with Trafford Music Service, which we definitely enjoyed! We've learnt how to hold the trumpet properly, how to attach the mouth piece and even blow a tune! I can already tell there lots of talented musicians already! Watch this space.

Check out some of our photos below.

In 5R, have been thinking about and planning and designing our 3D support structures in Design Technology.

We have been considering our product, audience and purpose.

We will be creating a 3D support structure of ourselves to support our sunflowers we are growing.

This week, we were designing our structure and using 2D and 3D drawings to show this. Here a few examples

WEEK 2 - (Monday 19th - Friday 23rd April)

Reader of the week: Sheza

Achievers of the week (Focus: LOVE learning) : Dylan, Ria and Neve.

What a fantastic week in 5R!  The focus for this week was 'LOVE for learning' and 5R have certainly been working hard and showing a real love for learning across all subject this week and should feel incredibly proud of themselves.

In maths this week, 5R have definitely making their brains work hard this week. We have been learning all about decimals. We have been learning how to partition decimals into ones, tenths and hundredths and really deepen our understanding of place value. We have also been learning to convert between fractions and decimals.


Also this week, we enjoyed an outdoor maths treasure hunt on our school field and nature area.  5R had to find the hidden word problems and solve them in their groups. It was definitely a very competitive maths hunt!

5R winners were: Joshua, Neve and Anabia with 48 points! Well done to all of 5R for demonstrating such a LOVE for maths and always having an enthusiastic attitude towards learning!

This week in English, we have been continuing to read more of Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. 

We have read Chapter 3 and 4 this week and discovered that Michael and Stella have gone overboard the Peggy Sue.

We have been working as journalists to interview characters and witnesses, plan, draft and write our own newspaper reports.

Check our some of our wonderful newspaper reports below. I'm sure you'll agree, they look fabulous! 

WEEK 1 - (Monday 12th - Friday 16th April 2021)

Reader of the week: Dior

Achievers of the week (Focus: Effort):  Dylan, Joshua and Menaal


We're so glad to be back together again in 5R after the Easter holidays and are ready for lots of fun and exciting learning! broken heart


This week, we've started our new English text 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. We've enjoyed reading the first two chapters and finding our information about our key characters.


In the story so far, we've learnt that Michael's family decide to head on a 'once in a lifetime' adventure around the world on a yacht.


We've been debating reasons for and against the family travelling around the world on a yacht and have written some wonderful balanced arguments! 


This week in maths, we've been practising our method for division using the 'bus stop method' and are becoming quite the experts.

At part of our Easter holiday home learning challenge, Miss Rowlands set us the challenge to create our own fractions themed maths games based on the learning we had done. We really enjoyed playing our maths games during our afternoon maths problem solving lesson! 

This week, we've enjoyed learning how to sketch the The Great Wave off Kanagawa also known as The Great Wave or simply The Wave, is a woodblock print by the Japanese Hokusai. 

Check out some of our art work below.