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Summer 1

What we will be learning in Summer 1:

English -  Oliver and the Seawigs

Maths - Fractions, statistics

Science - Plants

History - Bronze and Iron Age


Computing - Digital Literacy

Physical Education - Baskeyball

Religious Education - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

French - Food

Music - Ukulele

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear Communicator

Monday 17th April - Friday 21st April



As part of our science topic of 'plants', this week, we investigated parts of a flower and had the opportunity to look at an actual flower. We had lots of fun looking at the inside of the tulip. 



Monday 24th April - Friday 28th April



In art, we are looking at the artist Laura McKendry and how she uses charcoal to create her drawings. We looked at making gestural marks and the differences when we used our wrist, elbow and shoulder. It was messy but fun!



Tuesday 2nd May- Friday 5th May



This week, we have been looking at money and all the different coins. We have been having fun investigating how many different ways we can make £1 with a range of coins.




Tuesday 9th May- Friday 12th May



Continuing with our money topic, we have been learning how to add different amounts. We were lucky that two children in our class own Chinese takeaways so they brought in menus for us to look at. We had lots of fun ordering different meals and working out how much it would cost us.





This half term, we have been playing basketball with Mr Shawcross. We have been focusing on the different aspects of the game and how to improve our passing skills.




Monday 15th-Friday 19th May


Art & Design

This week, we have been exploring how charcoal can be used to create shadows. We used lots of different objects to create the shadows with torches. 





On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to be able to visit All Saints C of E. Rev. Luke told us all about the different parts of the Church and the uses of each part. 

Chill and Read

This week, we got to use our brand new outdoor learning zone for the first time. We took our books out to chill and read and enjoy the lovely weather.