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Summer 1

Our Learning for Summer 1


What we will be learning this half term:

English - When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

                 The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie

Maths -   Percentages, Shape and Position & Direction

Science - Animals including Humans

History - Ancient Islamic Civilisation

Art -  Typography 

Computing - Digital Literacy

Physical Education -  Athletics

Religious Education - Places of Worship

Music - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Hip-Hop)

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear Communicator

Early Islamic Civilisation Workshop

Thursday 25th May 2023


5S had a fun morning with visitors from One Day Creative to learn more about our History unit - Early Islamic Civilisation. Using our creative skills, we participated in fun games, created freeze-frames and role plays and used our charade skills to further our understanding of life in the Early Islamic times. Did you know what types of entertainment at the time included sword-swallowing and shadow puppetry? 

French Day

Wednesday 24th May 2023


To celebrate our French learning, we had a full day doing a variety of fun activities. We kicked off the day by finding the King and Queens of the day in a traditional French celebration. To help us with our French vocabulary, Mrs Roach came in and introduced us to the Postman game that helped us learn the days of the week. We played games of petanque, created our own French holidays and made the Eiffel Tower using straws!

Week 5 

Monday 15th May - Friday 19th May 2023


Achiever focus: Art

Achievers of the Week: Bonnie W, Luke and Summer

Reader of the Week: Bonnie E

Maths Star of the Week: Cham


It's been a very creative week in 5S this week. We've started drafting a piece of abstract art inspired by the African-American - Alma Thomas. We're taking her use of bold, bright colours and putting them together with images that represent our school value of Courage. In Guided Reading, we made our own 'Rooms of Wonder' based on our text 'The Nowhere Emporium'. Take a look through some of our work by Cham, Elliot, Ella R, Luke, Amy and Reuben:

Week 3 

Tuesday 2nd May - Friday 5th May 2023


Achiever Focus  - Love of Learning

Achievers of the Week - Yuvraj, Amy and Moony

Reader of the Week - Ella I


It's been a fun week in 5S. We started our new text 'The Nowhere Emporium' about a young boy who discovers a shop of wonders.  In music, we continued learning the song Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and began using the glockenspiels to add in a melody. For History, we looked at education in the Islamic Empire around 900AD and had a great debate around whether education is important or not - with some of us arguing that YouTube will be the future of education! In Science, we used our maths skills to produce graphs that represented the growth of babies in height and weight over the first 12 months of their lives. Take a look at some of our work here:

Week 2 

Monday 24th April - Friday 28th April 2023


Achiever Focus - Kindness

Achievers of the Week - Oliver, Elizabeth and Max

Reader of the Week - Max

Maths Star of the Week - Elliot


This week we began looking at angles in Maths. Using angle finders we went around the classroom searching for different angles such as: acute, right-angle, obtuse and reflex.

Week 1

Monday 17th April - Friday 21st April 2023


Achiever Focus - Pupil Shout Out

Achievers of the Week - Rory, Maggie and Oliver

Reader of the Week - Rory 

Maths Stars of the Week - Jessica and Leo


It's been a good first week back for 5S. We've been looking at percentages in Maths, researching leopards for English and learning about the Human life-stages in Science. For History, we've started looking at the Early Islamic Civilisation with a focus on Baghdad in 900AD. Linked with our Home Learning Challenge, our first lesson was looking at where Baghdad and the Islamic Empire was in the world, as well as other important civilisations of the time. Take a look at our work: