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Summer 1

English - Escape to Pompeii

Maths -Decimals and fractions 

Science - Sound

History - Romans

Art - Story telling through drawing

Physical Education - Rounders (Striking and Field)

Religious Education - Why do some people think life is like a journey

French - Days of the week and numbers 

Music - Lean on me

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear communicator 

Monday 22nd May- Friday 26th May

As part of MFL day, the children looked at the images from the caves of Lascaux in France, then designed and created a piece of artwork. 


Week 5 - Showing equality through art. This week, the children have been inspired by American artist Keith Haring's work on equality to produce art of their own. The children in 4M have blown us away with their designs!

Week 4 - This week in French, the children have been making their own games to learn the numbers up to 20 in French

Week 3 - This week the children have been finding out about the king's coronation in preparation for Saturday. Here are the children's crowns which they completed in art. Greta job!

Week 2 - The children were investigating if sound travellers through string from one cup to another. They made predictions with their group and then made a string telephone to investigate this further.

Week 1 - The week the children started their new science unit looking at sounds. The children investigated sound around the school grounds and thought about how sounds enter their ears from a source.