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Summer 1

Week 6- to finish off what has been a fantastic half term, we went into the outdoor area and had some time building dens! Safe to say the children had an absolute ball.

Week 5- this week year 4 completed the Art Project that was to deign a piece of work based on equality which was to be inspired by Keith Haring.

Week 4- this week children enjoyed learning the numbers 11-20 outdoors for their french lesson!

Week 3- the children really enjoyed taking part in the 'draw with Rob' crown coronation special this afternoon! They have created some beautiful designs of the kings crown.

Week 2- the children enjoyed testing out and making string telephones! Some were very impressed with how well they worked after they predicted that the sound was not going to travel.

English - Escape to Pompeii

Maths -Decimals and fractions 

Science - Sound

History - Romans

Art - Story telling through drawing

Physical Education - Rounders (Striking and Field)

Religious Education - Why do some people think life is like a journey

French - Days of the week and numbers 

Music - Lean on me

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear communicator