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Summer 1

What we will be learning in Summer 1:

English -  Oliver and the Seawigs

Maths - Fractions, statistics

Science - Plants

History - Bronze and Iron Age

Art- Gestural drawings with charcoal

Computing - Digital Literacy

Physical Education - Basketball

Religious Education - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

French - Food

Music - Ukulele

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear Communicator

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th May 2023

Achievers of the week: Hashim, Molly and Maira

Readers of the week: Mikail and Yasha


Where has the time gone? I can't believe we're in our final week of Summer 1 already! We've had a lovely last week of this half term with French Day on Wednesday. The children completed lots of French activities such as playing petanque, creating cave paintings based on the caves of Lascaux and finding out who would be our king or queen for the day. The class came up with lots of rules for what the king or queen could do, such as: being at the front of the line, being Miss Garner's helpers, choosing the star of the day and sitting on a cushion all day.


Monday 15th - Friday 19th May 

Achievers of the week: Stephen, Daniel and Laween

Readers of the week: Stephen and Elijah


WOW - what a fun week we've had this week! On Monday, we continued with our Art project on charcoal and experimented with the torches to create a shadow. On Tuesday, we visited the church as part of our Christianity topic in RE. We counted the number of crosses in the church, as well as getting the chance to see the different clothes worn during ceremonies and how a christening is done. In Maths, we opened up a shop where we had to either be the cashier or the buyer. The cashiers had to give the correct amount of change and the buyers had to add up the price of the items to check that we could afford it!


We are starting our new Maths topic of time next week. It would be really helpful if you could introduce your child to the different times of the day (e.g "we will go shopping at 10:30 or half past ten).

Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th May

Achievers of the week: Lilah, Harvey and Yasha

Readers of the week: Felza and Raushan


What a jam-packed week we've had this week! We have been focusing on our new topic of money in Maths and have used lots of the plastic coins and notes to help us with this. We have looked at adding pounds and pence as well as finding how many pence make a pound. On Friday, we did lots of activities for the King's Coronation and even made our own crowns fit for a king! 

Monday 24th - Friday 28th April

Achievers of the week: Isa and Ayaan

Reader of the week: Daniel and Lilah


This week in Art, we have been exploring the qualities of charcoal. We have experimented with how to move our bodies to make different sized lines. We learned that when we move from our wrist, we make a small line. When we move from our elbow, we make a medium line and when we move from our shoulder, we make a large line.


In Maths, we have been experts at non-unit fractions of an amount. We have been using the cubes and the counters to find different fractions of amounts which we found really tricky, so we used our growth mindsets and stuck with it until we understood it!



Monday 17th April - Friday 21st April

Achievers of the week: Tate, Emily and Jassi

This week in Science, the children dissected tulips to identify the four main parts of a flower.  Using their whiteboard pens, the children wrote on their desks to label the different parts. The children were taught about the function of the roots, leaves, petals and stem. Miss Tidman then challenged 3G to identify the sepal, anther and filament.