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Summer 1

English: Oliver and the Seawigs

Maths: Statistics & Measurement Time
Science: Light 

History: The Stone Age - Iron Age  

DT: Design and create a healthy "Afternoon Tea" 

Computing: Scratch  

Physical Education: Tag Ruby

Religious Education: What does it mean to be a Christian today? 

French: Parts of the body 

Values: Love 

Attitudes: Clear Communicator  

Monday 9th May - Friday 13th May


Well, what another superb week we have had in school this week. All the children have worked extremely hard and shown resilience, focus, determination and motivation towards their learning. In DT, we enjoyed doing a little bit of food tasting so that we could begin to think about what we want our Afternoon Tea to include. We also enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon in the park where we did a little bit of planting and took some time to enjoy and appreciate nature - this was certainly a highlight of the week for us all! In maths, we moved our learning onto statistics and looked at how we could draw and interpret different tables and charts. In English, we have been looking at how we can effectively write a character description and have focused on using effective vocabulary and similes to help bring them character to life. We also stepped back in time around 5,000 years ago as we took a closer look into the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae. We spent time becoming archeologists as we looked at different artefacts and then compared our life today to theirs. I think it is safe to say that we all preferred to live in the houses we do today!


Have a little look at some of the photos of us in action this week! smiley

Our food tasting selection

Monday 25th April - Friday 6th May.


What a fabulous start back to the Summer Term we have had in 30! Right from the start we have been busy with our learning and shown what superb learners and curious questioners we are! To begin our Stone Age project we had a workshop from Mr B and Mr T where we became archeologists for the morning and used artefacts to help us discover more about the past. We also had a go at becoming hunter gatherers, like our predecessors, and took part in a little bit of spear throwing. We had a fabulous morning and it has certainly spurred us on to wanting to discover more about this significant period in time. In English we have been doing lots of work on Oliver and the Seawigs, including some drama based reading activities; using our VIPERS to help us understand the story and even had a go at writing our very own diary entry in role as Oliver. Maths saw us come to the end of our fractions topic - and Miss O'Toole has been extremely proud of all our hardwork and determination with fractions. We finished off the topic by looking at equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering them. Whilst it did make our brains hurt a little bit, we never gave up! Music this half term has also seen us begin our journey into learning how to play the Ukulele, and learn more about rhythm and beat. Watch this space for more updates with how we are getting on! 

In other exciting news, we have a couple of new joiners to the classroom in the form of caterpillars. Over this half term we are going to nurture our caterpillars and track their lifecycle as they transform into beautiful butterflies which we can release into the wild.


Have a little look at us in action with the learning we have been doing over the last couple of weeks smiley

Our Stone Age Workshop

Our wonderful home learning challenges

Exploring equivalent fractions using our fraction tiles