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Summer 1

What we will be learning in Summer 1


English -  The Highway Man

Maths -  Fractions, decimals and percentages

Science - Life cycles and plants

History - Early Islamic civilisation  

Art - Islamic Patterns

Computing - Computer Science : Developing a scratch game

Physical Education - Cricket

Religious Education - Mission statements

French - In the countryside 

Music - Classroom Jazz

Values - Love

Learner Attitude - Clear Communicator

WC - 9th May - This week in computing, we have been continuing with our programming on Scratch. The children have now got their sprites (characters) to move up and down and from side to side by inputting the co-ordinates

Wc - 3rd May - Today, we continued with cricket in PE. The children were using over arm techniques for bowling and coaching each other to improve their techniques. We introduced wickets to help with their aim and also someone for wicket keeping