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Summer 1

English: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

Maths: Statistics & Measurement 
Science: Light 

History: Ancient Greeks  

Art: Frida Kahlo 

Computing: Computer Science  

Physical Education: Tag Ruby & Netball 

Religious Education: What matters most to Christians & Humanists? 

French: The Future 

Values: Love 

Attitudes: Clear Communicator  

Monday 9th May- Friday 13th May

WOW 6ET!!!!  We have been super impressed with the resilience; positive attitudes and hard work that you have shown this week towards your SATs.

The children completed their wonderful self-portraits that will be used as front covers for their journals.

6ET completed a group art project inspired by the paintings of Chuck Close.  Everyone was given a square to complete creatively with colour and pattern.  When everyone had completed their squares we collated them to reveal the whole picture.

We continued our Harry Potter art work theme and used our drawing, sketching and shading techniques to complete images of characters from Harry Potter.

Monday 2nd May - Friday 6th May

Another great week in 6ET!

We have been working so hard on our reading, SPaG and maths in preparation for SATs.


It was great to use our school value of LOVE for some self-expression. We thought about what made us unique and all the things that we love and feel passionate about. This inspired some self-portraits...


After some meditation using breathing exercises and affirmation statements, we enjoyed some time together...

Miss Tidman and Miss Evans are SUPER PROUD of you all and we just know you are going to be A-MA-ZING! next week in your SATs tests. 

Check out our fabulous Home Learning Challenges all about the Ancient Greeks...

Monday 25th April- Friday 29th April 

Miss Tidman and Miss Evans are SUPER PROUD of 6ET's hardwork, motivation and the positive attitudes that they have shown this week!!!  In preparation for SATs the children have been working hard on angles; recognising types of angles; finding missing angles in quadrilaterals, on lines and triangles and completing extra revision tasks for reading and grammar in English.