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Summer 1

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English- Wonderscape  & Alma 

Maths - Statistics & Measurement 
Science - Electricity 

History- Ancient Greeks  

D.T  - Electrical Systems- Spy Gadgets 

Computing - Computer Science 

Physical Education -  Cricket 

Religious Education - What matters most to Christians & Humanists? 

French - The Future 

Values / attitudes - Love & Clear Communicator 


Can you believe it is time to start the final term of Year 6!

But don't worry....

there is still lots of wonderful learning to be done and lots of fun to be had!

Monday 17th May 2021- Friday 21st May 2021




This week, year 6 have enrolled in the VPJS Spy Academy!

We put our spies to the test with a series of missions to complete in teams.

They were tested on their problem solving skills and teamwork by;

solving puzzles, cracking codes,

investigating fingerprints, completing obstacle courses

and even creating their own spy gadgets with working circuits!

Our Spy Agencies

Arts Performance Day


Throughout the week, 6B also worked on their arts day performances. They learned the poem 'Walking with my Iguana' by Brian Moses and then wrote versions on their own with quite an assortment of animals!

We also learned and performed the Wellerman Sea Shanty!

Monday  10th May 2021 - Friday 14th May 2021

This week we have been watching some spooky videos in English! We have been thinking about how we can show off our wonderful writing skills and include our year 6 targets effectively whilst creating tension and suspense for the reader.

Alma is a little girl who ventures into town in the snow. She is drawn to a shop window by a familiar looking doll.
She enters the shop... what will happen when she goes inside?


I Won't be going back to Quetic Park anytime soon. Not after what happened to a girl named Francis Brandywine....




Electricity Inspired Art Work

Tuesday 4th May 2021 - Friday 7th May 2021

It has only been a 4 day week, but it has certainly been a busy one!

Over the last two weeks, we have researched in groups to learn all about Ancient Greek Life. We then shared our learning with our group and presented our learning creatively. Have a look at the wonderful double page spreads below! 

In science, we have continued investigating how different components work in circuits. We used motors, buzzers and switches and tried to solve the challenge of having a lit bulb in the same circuit as a buzzer that is operated by a switch!

Drawing Angles in maths- great team work!

Monday 26th April 2021 - Friday 30th April 2021



In history this week, we learned all about how the Ancient Greeks communicated.

Did you know there were 24 letters in the Ancient Greek Alphabet and the word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet "alpha" and "beta"?




Renewable and Non Renewable Energy Leaflets

Monday 19th April 2021 - Friday 23rd April 2021


This week we have finished Wonderscape- what a book!

We created our own futuristic inventions that might appear in the book and wrote explanation texts to describe what they are and how they work. Looks like we  have some budding scientist or engineers in our class!





In History, we have continued exploring what life was like for the Ancient Greeks. This week learned all about the origins of the olympics and how the events were often used to decorate pottery.

In science, we have been thinking like electricians and solving problems with circuits!

Monday 12th April 2021 - Friday 16th April 2021

This week we have explored what 'Love' means to us in our values sessions and created a class image to respresent it.

We have continued reading the fantastic 'Wonderscape' and now only have 4 chapters to go!!

This week we created guides advertising different realms within the virtual reality game and wrote poems inspired by the book.

Have a look below at some of our wonderful work

Our Poems

Miss B was really impressed with the efforts for our Wonderscape themed home learning challenge