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Summer 1


English- Wonderscape  & Alma 

Maths - Statistics & Measurement                             
Science - Electricity 

History- Ancient Greeks  

D.T  - Electrical Systems- Spy Gadgets 

Computing - Computer Science 

Physical Education -  Cricket 

Religious Education - What matters most to Christians & Humanists? 

French - The Future 

Values / attitudes - Love & Clear Communicator 

Monday 17th May - Friday 22nd May

This week we have been very busy! 

On Monday, we had a SPY day and took part in training activities and secret missions to help us learn the skills needed to be an expert spy!


On Tuesday we investigated if a potato, lemon or bread roll could act like a battery.

We also had ARTS Day where we learnt a poem and performed it using sound effects and actions. This inspired us to write our own version of SOUND poems. 

We then sang a mash up Titanium by David Guetta (a music video that has previously inspired us in our writing) and Bulletproof by La Roux. 

Monday 10th May-Friday 14th May

This week in maths we have continued to focus on angles, the children have worked collaboratively to find missing angles on a straight line; around a point, in a triangle and vertically opposite.

In one of our Values session this week, the children focused and learnt about loving themselves.  They each wrote about what they loved about themselves and then used this to write a letter to themselves in preparation for high school.

Tuesday 4th May- Friday 7th May

This week we have continued to work on our topic and research the Ancient Greeks.  In pairs we researched different areas of Greek life; shared our findings with each other and independently presented our findings of our choosing.

Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April

This week we have been...

creating portraits that communicate who we are and everything that is great about us!

We have also written our own sequel to the book Wonderscape. 

First we chose a hero (someone we think of as unique, achieving amazing things or changing history!), then created a realm around that hero. 

Then, we designed a challenge for the main characters to solve. 


We were all inspired by the text and really enjoyed becoming writers of adventure stories like Jennifer Bell. yes

Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April

This week we have been...

Learning all about the Ancient Greeks. We compared the first Olympics during the Ancient Greek times to modern day Olympics. We then designed our own Greek pottery to represent the games of the Ancient Greek Olympics.

We got inspired again by the book Wonderscape...

by creating our own inventions that could be used within the futuristic world that is WONDERSCAPE!

In science we continued to develop our learning and understanding about electricity.  The children had to work like electricians to find the problem in 6 different circuits and resolve them.

Monday 12th April- Friday 16th April

This week the children have been planting sunflowers and are continuing to look after them in class.  We can't wait to see who's able to grow the tallest.......  we'll keep you posted.

In English we read the poems ‘ Born a Cartoon’ and ‘My Computer is Taking Over Me’ by Neal Zetter.  We discussed what we liked and disliked about them
and how to they link to Wonderscape.
The children then chose one of the poems to perform; thinking about how to use their voices and actions to convey the meaning of the poem.


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