School reopens tomorrow (Thursday 2nd September). We are looking forward to seeing you all!
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Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online

At Victoria Park Junior School, we take online safety seriously. At school, we have special filters that make searching for things safe and you may not have these on your home computers. Hopefully, this page will help you all to stay safe online, help your parents/carers understand how to help keep you safe and provide information for what to do if something goes wrong online.


If you have any worries or concerns regarding online safety, please speak to someone at school.


Digital Parenting - Safer Internet Day 2018 film for parents and carers

We will be having a whole school 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Be sure to speak to your children about what they have learn. Good conversation starters could include:
How would you stay safe online?
What makes you happy and unhappy online?
What would you do if you saw something online which made you unhappy?
What do you enjoy doing online the most?
Reassure your child that they can talk to you if something makes them unhappy online or something goes wrong.