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Spring 2



What we will be learning in Spring 2:

English - 500 Word Competition / The Flood

Maths - Fractions

Science -  Living things

Geography-  Water and Rivers

Physical Education - Dance/ PE leader / Tag Rugby

Values / attitudes - Responsibility / Problem Solver

Monday 22nd March - Friday 26th March


Achievers of the week:  Grace, Sheza & Anabia

Reader of the week

This week, we have been working sensibly with our buddy to use atlases and ipads to research different rivers in the UK and around the world and locate them on a map. We found some of the rivers tricky to find using an atlas but we've shown great determination and resilience.  We've also been working hard looking at the key features of a river. In pairs, we worked sensibly to research a river of our choice, create a fact file and present these back to the rest of the class.

In maths, we've continued to work on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We then worked on subtracting fractions with different denominators from a mixed number. 5R have definitely shown off what wonderful mathematicians they are!

Monday 15th - Friday 19th March


Achievers of the week:  Payton & Haris

Reader of the week: Anabia


Another fabulous week in 5R! 

This week, we've been recapping on equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and solving problems which covered this new skills and enjoyed an outdoor problem solving lesson in Maths. In English, we've continued to build up to writing our narrative of 'Flood' using subordinate clauses, personification and building vocabulary. As a result of lots of hard work, 5R produced some excellent writing this week, which they should feel incredibly proud of. In Geography, we learnt all about where water comes from using the water cycle and 5R definitely enjoyed learning a song about this to reinforce their learning. In addition, we spent some this week learning all about the upcoming census. To end the week, we enjoyed a fantastic Red Nose Day 2021.


5R loved celebrating Red Nose Day 2021 and raising money for charity. We dressed in red, a funny outfit or as a superhero. We learnt all about what Red Nose Day means and watched an inspirational video. We took part in a Red Nose Day Quiz which included some tricky riddles! We all told jokes, we chose our best joke and enjoyed sharing it with the other children at the junior school and even the infant school too, which was lots of fun! We also enjoyed designing our own superheroes and using a Babybel to create a piece of art work. 


In year 5, we've been learning all about the Census. We found out what the census is and why it is done every 10 years.

Our mission was to find out information about our school and to create information to put into our school time capsule.


Year 5 looked at ' Equality: how does the census help with equality? What can we find out about VPJS and representation?'

We got into role as officers for the office of national statistics (ONS). Our job was to find out about VPJS! We looked at the ethnicity of our school. We collected information about each class, collated the information and gather information about our whole school to go inside the time capsule. We then wrote and drew about 2021 to add to our school time capsule.

Collecting and collating the data about VPJS!

Look at some of our wonderful 2021 information sheets to go inside our whole school time capsule!


On Wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed getting outside in the sun. We worked in teams to work on different outdoor maths activities. 

We made maths trails using chalk for younger children in our school, used pebble maths, fraction dominoes, we collected all of the numbers we could see on our playground and added them up to see who had the biggest number and we timed ourselves running 100m sprints using stop watches. 


This week in Maths, we've been learning all about fractions. We've been recapping on equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. 5R have really shown how determined and resilient they are this week. Well done.


We have worked extremely hard over the last two weeks to build up to writing the narrative for the book 'Flood'. Check out some of our wonderful writing below.

Monday 8th March - Friday 12th March

Achievers of the week: Avani, Finn and Ruby.

Reader of the week: Finn


We're back together! 

This week, we came back to school and we loved being back together again as team year 5! 

5R have worked extremely hard this week, getting back into new routines again and should feel extremely proud of themselves. 

We enjoyed starting a new wordless text called 'Flood', recapping on Fractions, visiting the library to choose new books and learning how to play Tag Rugby. 


We've started to read our new class book. It is called 'To be a cat' by Matt Haig.


This week, we enjoyed visiting our school library to choose new books.


This week in Maths, we've been recapping on fractions. We've been looking at converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

5R have tried really hard and should feel extremely proud of themselves.

On Friday, we enjoyed putting our skills to the test in a code breaker challenge and making our own maths mazes.



This week, we've started our new text for English which is called 'Flood' by Alvaro F.Villa.

This book is a wordless book with beautiful illustrations.

We really enjoyed talking about the pictures and what is happening.


We created freeze frames for the opening scene thinking about 'action' to help us create some 'ing' opener sentences, which were fabulous! 




Check out some of our wonderful 'ing' opener sentences all about the opening scene of the book 'Flood' by Alvaro F.Villa.


This week, we have been writing our opening paragraph for our narrative of the book Flood.

Here are a few of the wonderful examples from 5R.


This week, our focus for achiever is all about being a good friend. 

In 5R, we've really enjoyed thinking about what qualities make a good friend.



This week, we really enjoyed being back together.

We made our own lockdown rainbows writing on things we've learnt during lockdown, things we're proud, things we've missed and what we're looking forward to.


We're back together. Team 5R




Welcome back to school, Year 5.

We are so happy to have you all back together again.

January 5th - Friday 5th March



Year 5 teachers would like to say a huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all of Year 5 children for the wonderful effort they've all shown during the lockdown period.

We have been so impressed by how hard you've all worked and we couldn't be more proud of you.