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Spring 2

Spring 2



It is so good to have you all back together again. 

We have had a fantastic time catching up with our friends, talking about our

experiences and, of course, continuing our learning.

Here's some of the things we've gotten up to in the last

weeks up to Easter.


Monday 8th - Friday 12th March


Achievers of the Week: Amelia A and Freya

Reader of the Week: Freya


As well as doing lots of well-being and back-to-school work, we've also completed our work based on the Lighthouse animation. You can watch the animation here: The Lighthouse. Our final task was to turn the animation about a lonely lighthouse keeper into a story.  Have a read of Zaynab's to see what happened to the lighthouse keeper. 


Monday 15th - Friday 19th March


Achievers of the Week: Lavae, Ermi and Haniya

Readers of the Week: Zaynab and Riley


It's been an exciting week in Year 4! We have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and had a (Zoom) visit from Elga - a Saxon wise-woman from Kent - who told us the tale of how Hengist and Horsa first came to Britain. On Friday, to celebrate Red Nose Day, we created our own superheroes and made our very own Babybel Mascots. Take a look at our awesome creations!

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March


Achievers of the Week: Aaban, Riley and Tayon

Reader of the Week:


We've had an exciting week focusing on Science and our topic 'Teeth and the Digestive System'. We started off the week learning about the teeth, their names, their jobs and how to care for them. Our experiment looked at the effect of different liquids on the enamel of an egg. Have a read of Eshal's scientific report to learn more:



 Next, we looked at the digestive system of a human. We learned about the organs and their roles in keeping us healthy by digesting food and taking up nutrients and water through the intestines. We finished the week by recreating the digestive system using crackers, orange juice and tights!