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Spring 2

March 22nd- 26th

4H have had another busy and brilliant week!



Over the last two weeks, we have been learning all about area. To consolidate our learning this week, we made videos all about area for next year’s year fours to use! We were brilliant at explaining what area is and how to work out the area of a shape.



Our science unit this half term is teeth and digestion. We have learnt all about the different types of teeth and the role that they have in our mouths. Yesterday, we recreated the digestive system! We put crackers into a zip lock bag and crushed them to represent the teeth. We added water to show the role that saliva plays. Then, the food travelled down the oesophagus and into the stomach.  We added orange juice to represent the acid in our stomach which breaks down our food. After the food had broken down, we put the broken down crackers into a pair of tights! The tights showed us the job of the small intestine (ileum). We squeezed the food until the vitamins and nutrients came out. Finally, we pushed the remaining waste through the large intestine (colon) and out through an opening in the tights to represent the anus. It is safe to say we got very messy and had lots of fun!

March 15th- 19th

What another brilliant week 4H have had! Our history unit this half term is the Anglo-Saxons. We have learnt that the Anglo-Saxons wanted to live differently to the Romans who had settled in Britain beforehand. The Saxons set up small self-sufficient villages. In year 4, we have designed our own Anglo-Saxon village! There are features such as: smoke huts to preserve food, the great hall (where the Chief lived) and wolf guards! Here are some examples from:, Stanley & Cole and Carter & Joshua.

We have also been learning about what the census is and why it is so important. We know now that the census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. As part of our learning, we did some research into what our local area of Stretford was like in the past. We created a ‘then and now’ poster to show the changes to Stretford over time. Here are some wonderful examples from: Esmae, Talia & Edward and Inaaya and Aleeza.

As part of comic relief day we took part in a babybell challenge! We were given the task of designing a babybell with a difference! We made our babybells into well-known characters. Here is what we came up with!



What a brilliant first week back 4H have had! The children have been engaged, enthusiastic and so mature! I have been so proud of how the children have looked out for each other. Well done 4H!


Class book

We have been reading our class book of ‘The Witches’ which the children are thoroughly enjoying! Roald Dahl strikes again!




Our value and attitude this half term is 'Responsibility and Problem Solver'. As a class, we discussed what 'responsibility' meant and what we are all responsible for. We drew some images based on our discussions. Here are some wonderful examples from: Inaaya, Stanley and Carter.


This week, we have been discussing the importance of talking about our feelings. We know in times like these that our emotions can be on a rollercoaster and this is completely normal! We have been reading some wonderful emotions poems from this book called ‘Emotional Menagerie’.