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Spring 2

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March


Well-Being Wood

We have loved being able to explore the Well-Being Wood again. This week we had to collect lots of different aspects of nature that we are going to use for our 'Nature' Easter Egg design. We found lots of wonderful things like twigs, bark, leaves and even feathers!




This week we have been researching all about the River Nile and why it was important to the Ancient Egyptians. We used the information we found to write our first 'double page' non-chronological report. We had lots of fun coming up with creative ways to present our findings. Here is just some of the wonderful work we produced:






The past few weeks we have had the pleasure of having a coach from Lancashire County Cricket Club teaching us all things cricket! We have learned how to bat, bowl and catch the ball as wicket keepers. Here's a few shots of us in action:





Monday 15th March - Friday 19th March



In English, we continued with our book 'Orion and the Dark' and made our own shadow puppet show with the scripts we had written earlier in the week.




Happy St Patrick's Day!

On Wednesday 17th March we celebrated St Patrick's Day in 3D. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and Miss Daly couldn't wait to celebrate it with everyone! We all got a new 'Irish name' for the day and had call each other this throughout the day - tricky for some! We also had lots of fun trying to speak some Irish, especially asking to go to the toilet, which is 'an bfhuil cad agam dul go dti an leithreas le do thoil?'. During tidying up time, we watched a traditional Irish concert which was live from Miss Daly's home town of Armagh. I think the real highlight of the day was trying some of Miss Daly's homemade 'fifteens' and Tayto crisps, which are also made in Armagh!




This week in History, we started our new topic 'Ancient Egyptians'. We became archaeologists for the afternoon and had to dig up ancient artefacts and inspect them closely using the correct tools so we didn't damage history!




We also explored the gruesome topic of mummification and even had a go and mummifying each other! Have a look at us in action :)






What a wonderful first week back we have had! It has been so lovely to see the children back together again, chatting and laughing like they used to. They have certainly put a smile on Miss Daly's face! smiley



This week in English, we started a new picture book called Orion and The Dark.


We explored lots of different synonyms for 'fear' and how it makes us feel. We also discussed what would be in our own 'circle of fear'. Here are some lovely examples:




TIME to look at what we did in Maths this week cheeky

We had lots of fun making our own clocks to help us tell the time using o'clock, half past, quarter past/to and to the nearest five minutes. We will be able to take these home to help us practise when we are not in school.



Our value and attitude this half term is 'Responsibility and Problem Solver'. As a class, we discussed what 'responsibility' meant and what we are all responsible for. Have a look at some of our lovely responsibility posters we made with our learning partner.