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Spring 2

Monday 22nd March - Monday 26th March


It has been yet another fun-filled week of learning this week smiley In English we have been busy learning about the River Nile and its importance to the Ancient Egyptians. We spent time researching about it before then writing a non-chronological reports to showcase our knowledge. We have also spent some time getting creative as we designed and made our own Egyptian collars and learned how to communicate using hieroglyphics. As part of our study of the Ancient Egyptians we also looked at the different Gods and Goddess that the Ancient Egyptian believed in, after choosing our favourites we then wrote monologues in role and shared these with each other. In the wellbeing wood, we used this time to collect different natural which we then used to decorate our own Easter Eggs smiley.


Working together to research about the River Nile

Cricket with Lancashire Cricket Club

Our Ancient Egyptian inspired collars

Monday 12th March - Friday 19th March


What another fun filled week and busy we have had in 3O this week! Our learner attitude this half term is looking at how to be Problem Solver, and this is something that we have been doing a lot of throughout the week. 


We began the week looking at the importance of the upcoming census and why the Office of National Statistics carry it out. We then became employees of the ONS and carried out our own VPJS census, which will be placed inside a time capsule and hidden within the school grounds for future pupils to hopefully find one day. In maths we have been continuing to learn how to tell the time accurately; in history we travelled back around 7000 years to the explore the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and in English we continued to look at "Orion and the Dark" and made our own shadow puppets. Lancashire Cricket Club also came back again to help us with our batting skills this week in PE and it was great to be able to get back out to the Wellbeing Wood and spend some quality time in and around nature. We also had a lovely end to the week raising money for Comic Relief, where we shared jokes within the classroom and also with the Infant school via Zoom smiley Have a little look below at us in action throughout the week!


As part of our travel back in time, we took on the role of archeologists as we dug up and explored a range of artefacts from the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Throughout our dig we demonstrated our teamworker and problem solver skills as we worked brilliantly with each other; shared and listened to each others' predictions and thoughts about what the artefacts could be and took on, and shared, different roles within the group. We also used the dig as a tool to be curious questioners as we began building up a bank of questions about the Ancient Egyptians which we wanted to explore further and find out the answers to. 

It was great to be back in the Wellbeing Wood this week!

Red Nose day and our Babybel Creations

Monday 8th March - Friday 12th March

What a great week it has been this week to have all the children back in class learning and having fun together! We have spent the week catching up with our friends; playing together in the playground; sharing jokes and stories with each other; singing and dancing and just enjoying being together! 

Alongside all of this, we have also been extremely busy bees with our learning! In English we have begun our new story Orion and the Dark, and the children have got into role as Agony Aunts/Uncles to offer advice and support - and have written some FABULOUS letters! In maths we have been busy learning to tell the time, and even turned our hands to clock making! During PE we were very lucky to have some coaching from Lancashire Cricket County, where we practised our bowling and catching skills. To celebrate International Women's Day, we also took part in a music lesson with Cheetham school of music where we listened to different styles of music, performed our own cannon through body percussion and drew to the music.

Have a look at some of the photos of us in action below laugh


Turning our hand to clock making :)

Bake Day Friday!