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Spring 2



English: Wonderscape 

Maths: Algebra & Statistics 

Science: Living things including humans 

Geography: Sustainability & Dubai 

Design Technology: Electrical Systems 

Physical Education: Fitness 

Computing: Computer Science 

French: Back to basics 

Religious Education: Is it better to express your religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity?  

Music: Exploring notation 

Values: Responsibility 

Attitudes: Problem Solver

Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March


This week we started to make our own DT alarm systems. The children had previously been looking at different types of switches such as push-to-break switches and came up with their own designs. 


We have finished our class book 'Wonderscape'. We have been on a journey with Ren, Cecily and Arthur for 5 weeks, venturing the different realms and meeting amazing heroes! However, all is not lost, we are starting to read 'Legendarium' as our class book! We get to continue following these great characters.


Monday 13th March- Friday 17th March

We have been thoroughly enjoying our English text 'Wonderscape'. This week we made our own inventions or items that could exist within the game. We then based our non-chronological reports on these inventions! They came up with some great ideas!

Monday 6th March - Friday 10th March

We have been learning all about Dubai this week and how it has changed over time. We took a look at the human and physical features of Dubai as well as the problems and solutions to building in a desert!


Monday 20th February - Friday 27th February


Well done to everyone in year 6 for trying their very best in the SATs practice tests! This week the children finished the art project based around historical figures. They created a 2d to 3d figure in pairs.