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Spring 2



What we will be learning this half term:

English - The Flood by Alvaro F.Villa  (narrative writing)

When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

(setting description, persuasive advert, non-chronological report)


Guided reading: When the Mountains Roared

Maths -  Fractions / Decimals and percentages / Perimeter and area

Science - Living things and life-cycles

Geography - Mountains- focusing on North America

Computing -  Problem Solving

Physical Education - Dance

Religious Education - 

French - Phonics 

Music - Classroom Jazz / Glockenspiel

Values - Responsibility

Learner Attitude -  Problem Solver / Responsibility 


Wishing everyone in 5R and their families a fantastic and safe Easter break.

From, Miss Rowlands



Week 6

Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 2023


Achievers of the week: Seb, Anandrai and Oliver

Reader of the week: Will




What a busy week.

I've been so super impressed by all of the effort and enthusiasm shown by 5R this week and couldn't be more proud.



In English, we have been continuing on our writing journey to produce our persuasive advert for Mountain View Hotel. We started by recapping about relative clauses, planning our adverts, writing, editing and even publishing them for display.


In maths this week, we have been continuing our learning all about decimals.

We've been comparing and ordering decimals with the same and different amount of decimal places and learning how to round decimals.

Design and Technology.

Over the last few weeks, we have been planning, designing and making our own moving cam toys.

This week, we were finishing our toys and carrying out our evaluations of our toys.

Subject showcase

This week, we LOVED showing off our Geography learning over the last term to our parents and carers.

Each group we're given a different lesson from our learning and we enjoyed presenting the learning in a fun and creative way such as a quiz, game or fact files.

We then enjoyed sharing these with the adults.



This week, was the end of our dance topic. Over the last few weeks, we have been working extremely hard on our team work and dance skills. We've been working as a team to produce our own routine based on a water theme.

We particularly enjoyed using the ribbons in our performances.


This week, we enjoyed our Easter Service and readings about the Easter story from our year 6s.

Then on Friday, we brought our Easter hats in to be judged in a Easter hat competition judged by Mr Wilkinson, Mr Roberts and Mrs Fairhurst.

They were all super amazing and creative and the decision to pick a winner was super tricky.

Week 5 

Monday 20th - Friday 24th March 2023


Achievers of the week: Mila and William

Mathematician of the week: Nicole

Values and attitudes

This week in values and attitudes, we were thinking about our well-being. 

We were learning how to take care of ourselves. We enjoyed a class discussion about how we react when things get difficult - when we are feeling sad, lonely or isolated or even when we've fallen out with a friend or something has gone wrong.

We talked about how people react in different ways to the same feelings.

We looked at different animals, what they are like and how they deal with problems.

Then, we created an animal which demonstrated us and our qualities.

Also this week in values and attitudes, we were thinking about our school value of responsibility.

We discussed the fact that we are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and others. 

We completed a risk assessment of our classroom and the corridor. We enjoyed looking for risks and identifying potential dangers. We then considered things we can do in our classroom and on the corridor to make sure we all stay safe.

Week 3 

Monday 6th - Friday 10th March


This week in Computing, we have been learning how to code commands.

We learnt: how to add simple commands, toggle a switch and debug an algorithm.

We were using the app Swift Playgrounds to write our code.

We learnt the commands to move our sprite Byte around a maze.






Then we put our coding skills to the test. We had to re-order code to debug (fix) the existing algorithm. We had to run the code first and see what happened and then check the code line by line to spot where the error occurred.


This week in English, we started our new text 'When the Mountains Roared' by Jess Butterworth.

Over this week and next week, we will be writing setting descriptions of India.


This week, we enjoyed looking at the front cover to make inferences about what the text could be about and reading the blurb, read the first few chapters of our new book and put our VIPERS reading skills to practise when answering different questions about what we had read. We also spent some time looking at examples of setting descriptions to discuss the key features and what makes a good setting description before we write our own. In addition to this, we enjoyed reading chapter 7 and 8 of our new text and learnt lots of new vocabulary words. In our story, the main character - Ruby- has just arrived in India so we enjoyed reading the text to identify all the descriptive language used for India. We looked at a variety of picture and images of India to help us start to generate ideas for our setting. We ended the week looking at our vocabulary choices and starting to select the vocabulary which is the most specific and precise and organising these words using a zone of relevance. 

Design Technology

This week in Design and technology, we have been designing our cam models.

We created labelled diagrams of our cam models and they look fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished products.

Week 2 

Monday 27th February - Friday 4th March 2023


Achievers of the week: Arion, Capser and Anandrai

Mathematician of the week: Anandrai

Writer of the week: Faryal


This week in Science, we've been learning all about the different gestation periods of mammals.

We worked in teams to research the gestation periods of different mammals and presented our findings to the rest of the class.

Then, we used this information to present our findings in 'Show what you know' pages, which I'm sure you'll agree look fantastic!


On Thursday, we enjoyed taking part in celebrating world book day. This year our theme was all around non-fiction.

We came to school dressed a famous figure from a book and took part in activities such as creating fact files of the famous figure we came dressed as, took part in an art competition to create either a portrait of our famous figure or an inspired piece of art and creating an A-Z of famous figures. 

Trying the World Record Challenges


One of the activities we took part in was learning about different world records from the book 'Guiness World Records'.

First the adults tried to complete these in our morning assembly. Then, we worked in groups to try and beat them. The activities included: how many m&ms can you pick up with chopsticks in 30seconds, jumping jacks in 30 seconds, folding tshirts in 30 second, how many teabags can you throw into a cup in 30 seconds?, football touches in 30 seconds, building brick towers in 30 seconds and ordering books into alphabetical order. They were definitely harder than they looked!

Reading our new world book day books.

We enjoyed ending the day reading our brand new world book day books we recieved today.

What a perfect way to end World Book Day 2023!



This week, we have been learning about the artist Hokusai.

We enjoyed learning about the famous art piece 'The Great Wave' and then had a go at re-creating our own versions.

Week 1 

Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February 2023

Achievers of the week: Arlo and Troy

Reader of the week: Phoebe

Mathematician of the week: Liz 

Writer of the week:  Frank




What a fantastic first week back this half term. I've been extremely impressed by how hard 5R have been working this week. We've shown great determination and enthusiasm to lots of new learning.



In English, we have started our new text 'Flood' by Alvaro F Villa. Flood is a picture book 

'With intensely coloured,gorgeous artwork,Alvaro F.Villa depicts the effects of a devastating flood on a family and their home in this wordless-and startlingly beautiful-picture book'


Over the next two weeks, we will be building up our writing to write the narrative for the book. We started this week recapping the key features of a narrative and planning the narrative using a story mountain.

Over the course of the week, we have worked together as a class to generate ideas for a setting description and using specific vocabulary for effect, we've been writing -ing opener sentences and used our ideas to write a setting description. We also have worked on our editing skills this week to edit our setting descriptions.

A highlight of the week was sharing our setting descriptions with the rest of the class. 


In Maths, we've been working on our multiplication and division skills. We've been practising our written division method and applying this to word problems. We enjoyed working in groups to try solving the problems using multiplication and division and then putting our skills to the test on Thursday when solving problems independently.


We've also been working on efficient methods for multiplication using doubling and halving. We ended the week completing our end of topic assessment.


This week, we started the first lesson of our new topic 'Mountains'.

We started by discussing what a mountain and summit are. We discussed the difference between a mountain and hill.

We enjoyed watching a clip of the seven summits challenges.

Then, we used an atlas to help us to identify where in the world the 7 summits are and identify these on our own map.