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Spring 2

English - The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Maths -Fractions

Science - Living things and their habitats

Geography - Water cycle

DT - Electrical circuits

Computing - Algorithms 

Physical Education - Athletics

Religious Education - Hinduism  

French - Revision 

Music - Glockenspiel 

Values - Responsibility 

Learner Attitude - Problem solve

Monday 27th March- Friday 31st March

This week the children showed lots of resilience, perseverance and problem solving skills in assembling their torches.  They also used their knowledge and understanding from their previous science topic when assembling their circuits with self-made switches.

Week 5- equivalent fractions! 4H had a go at creating their own equivalent fractions using the fraction tiles to help and support them.

Week 3- WC 6th March: this week we began to use our new editing stations to edit our work thoroughly! This is to help us be able to spot our own errors and correct the, quickly. We are being proactive in our learning and teaching ourselves how to identify our own mistakes.

Week 2- W/C 27th February- the children really enjoyed our science lesson this week where we walking around the school grounds and the outdoor learning area looking for living things!

Week 1- WC Monday 20th February, This week in science we carried out an experiment to see which materials and objects conducted electricity and which could be used as good insulators. The children really enjoyed testing a banana and a potato!