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Spring 2

What we will be learning in Spring 2:

English - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Maths - Measurement and Fractions

Science - Light

History - Stone Age to Iron Age

DT - 

Music - Glockenspiel

French - Animals

PE - Athletics

Religion & Beliefs - Why are festivals important to religious communities? 

Values & Attitudes - Responsibility and Problem Solver

Monday 27th - Friday 31st March 

Achievers of the week: Ellie, Wilfy and Raushan

Mathematician of the term: Finn-Lee

Reader of the term: Daniel


This week has been extremely busy as we prepared for the subject showcase on Wednesday. The children have been working away to create their own resources and posters. I am so proud of how well each of them stood up and spoke in front of numerous adults. Thank you to those who could make it, your feedback meant the world to the children and they were very proud of themselves afterwards! On Friday, we finally made our vegetable tarts as part of our DT project on seasonal food. We had a brilliant time learning about different vegetables and discovering how to prepare them safely. Then (as a bit of fun) we created our Wonka creation by putting different toppings on to a digestive biscuit. Clearly, some of us had more fun than others - apologies for any sugar rushes after school!


Thank you all for your continued support this half term. Have a lovely break!

Monday 20th - Friday 24th March

Achievers of the week: Ayaan, Tate and Hashim


This week, we have been learning all about Skara Brae in our History lessons. The children had to use information sheets to create a poster to present to the class. We then showed brilliant listening skills and made notes based off what the other groups had said. In Maths, we have been enjoying our times tables tests - we're trying really hard to beat our scores and times from last week to get a golden ticket! It would make a huge difference if you could support your child by going onto TTRockstars a few times a week!



Monday 6th - Friday 10th March

Achievers of the week: Mikaiah, Thea and Lilah

Reader of the week: Rose


This week, we have been improving our glockenspiel skills in Music. The children have began to learn about notes on the stave and how many beats each note is worth. We have also enjoyed our Music Appreciation this week as it was Michael Jackson - who knew there were so many Michael Jackson fans in 3G! 

Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March 2023

Achievers of the week: Daniel, Maira and Yasha


What an exciting week we've had this week! We had a great time on Thursday for World Book Day where we were able to come in dressed as our favourite non-fiction character. We broke lots of world records in the hall and the children took great pleasure in telling me that they'd beaten me at the t-shirt folding contest. The children then produced a fact file and a piece of art work on their character.


In Values, we have been working on our problem solver skills and had to put ourselves into a human knot. We used our team working skills very effectively and some of the groups made it out of their knots! In History, we have been looking at the Paleolithic era of the stone age and used freeze frames to show what different aspects of life would be like, including: hunting, where they lived and the clothes that they wore. 

Monday 20th - Friday 24th February 2023

Achievers of the week: Elijah, Abdul and Renad


This week, we have started to read our new English text - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children enjoyed creating their own chocolate bars to create a persuasive advert for. In History, we have began to look at the Stone Age and learning when it happened. We had to place lots of ancient civilisations in order to find out how long ago the Stone Age happened.