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Spring 2

What we will be learning in Spring 2:

English -  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Maths - Length and perimeter

Science - Light

History- Stone Age- Iron Age

DT - Food

Computing - Scratch

Physical Education - Athletics

Religious Education - Religious Festivals

Music - Glockenspiels

Values - Responsibility

Learner Attitude - Problem Solver


Monday 27th March - Friday 31st March


Subject Showcase

Year 3 chose history as our subject to share with parents and carers. We did an AMAZING job of telling everyone all about our Stone Age topic. We shared everything from our knowledge on Skara Brae and Stonehenge to Nomads and Settlers.




Design and Technology



Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March



This week, we learnt all about Skara Brae-a Stone Age settlement in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. We were able to take a virtual tour of Skara Brae and see how the houses were built approximately 5000 years ago.




In Scratch, we learnt how to programme our Sprite to tell a joke to another Sprite. We heard some great jokes from children and some not so funny jokes from adults!



Monday 13th March - Friday 17th March



On Tuesday, we were lucky to have some special visitors. Rev. Luke and Rev. Mary came to talk to Year 3 all about Christianity and their jobs within All Saints Church. We asked some excellent questions and listened really well. We will visit their place of worship after Easter.




This week, as part of our light topic, we were making shadow puppets and were able to see the different shapes we could make depending on how close the light source was to the wall.




Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March



This week, we have been learning all abut perimeter. We went outside to the playground to find the perimeter of different shapes like the basketball court, the stage and hopscotch. 



This week, we have been looking at explanation texts in preparation for writing our own abut how our new creation is made. We looked at using effective headings and sub-headings for each paragraph.



Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March


World Book Day

What an amazing day we had! Our theme this year was non-fiction and we had some fabulous people from Gareth Southgate to Frida Kahlo. We enjoyed doing a range of activities but our favourite was trying to break some world records including how many socks we could put on or how many teabags we could throw in a cup in a minute-harder that it sounds!




Monday 20th February - Friday 24th February 2023



Our new history unit this half term is the Stone Age. We had put different time periods in chronological order on a timeline. We then looked at different time periods within the Stone Age: palaeolithic, mesolithic and neolithic.





This half - term, we are programming using Scratch. This week, we created a sprite (character) and changed the colour as well as making it move in lots of different ways. Lots of the children are experts in this field and have even been helping Miss Daly!