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Spring 2


English: The Giant's Necklace , Alma & Francis

Maths: Algebra & Statistics 

Science: Evolution & Inheritance 

Geography: Sustainability & Dubai 

Art: Frida Kahlo 

Physical Education: Fitness 

Computing: Blender 

French: Family & Weekends with our friends 

Religious Education: Is it better to express your religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity? 

Music:  Classroom Jazz- glokenspeil 

Values: Responsibility 

Attitudes:Problem Solver 

Monday 4th April- Friday 8th April

6ET did a 'cracking' job with their 'egg-stravagent' Easter bonnets/hats.

In English, we have used, analysed and looked atthe music video for 'Titanium' by David Guetta; 6ET wrote police reports based on the events in the video.

Monday 28th March - Friday 1st April

This week we have been SUPER GEOGRAPHERS by showing all our learning at the VPJS Geography Expo. We became experts in all things sustainable in Dubai and explored how we can learn from this. The children really impressed the parents & carers as well as the year 5 children, who visited the exhibition. 

6ET learnt about PEACE and CONFLICT this week in their values session. We found out about what was happening in Ukraine and created banners and wristbands in support of peace. We remembered the importance of being respectful PROBLEM SOLVERS and taking RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves and the kindness we give out. 

Monday 21st March - Friday 25th March

As part of DIVERSITY week, we have been celebrating our differences by wearing odd socks...whilst also sharing all the wonderful things we have in common. 

We have also been building our stamina in PE and learning about fitness. We did a bleep test and a long distance run as part of our cardio exercise. Walk or run...we all enjoyed time in the sunshine!smiley

In science, we looked at fossilisation and the formation process.  We discussed how fossils help us understand evolution and how horses have evolved over the years.  Can you believe that 60 million years ago horses were the size of dogs?!  The children then used the laptops to research the evoltuion of mammoths.  

In maths, we have been converting units of measurement- we used our problem solving skills to find out how many grams were in a small car!!  We completed a a treasure hunt based on converting units of measurement and matched cards.

Monday 14th March - Friday 18th March

Another great week in 6ET! The children have been working hard and enjoying their learning.


We have focused on being geographers in preparation for our Geography Showcase (Wed 30th March). As well as developing our map skills, we have been learning about Dubai and how it has developed from SAND to LAND into the city it is today. Some of the pupils had been to Dubai and we able to tell us what it is like. 

We then learnt about sustainability in Dubai and what they are doing to help protect the environment and promote clean energy.

We also welcomed a visitor from Trafford Council into our classroom to deliver a workshop about hate crime. Jonathon helped us understand what prejudice and bias means and what we can do to combat hate crime that stems from these ideas. We spoke about what we can do as individuals to make our community a better place. Our school values helped us throughout the workshop to see the importance of being the very best version of ourselves. 

In science, we used our observation skills to investigate the discoveries Charles Darwin made when he visited the Galapagos Islands.  The children used different sized tweezers and tongs to represent different beak sizes and see how easy it was to pick up the different sized seeds.  From their observations and investigation, the children decided which finches belonged to which island.

On Friday, we celebrated Red Nose Day.

Monday 7th March- Friday 11th March

In science, we have continued our topic on evolution and inheritance- we learnt about Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection; the impact his scientific discovery had upon the world.  We produced timelines about Charles Darwin, which included key events about his research, findings and observations.  Take a look at some of our fabulous work below.

As part of our values learning we have been exploring RESPONSIBILITY and the idea of being a GOOD CITIZEN. 


We shared and debated ideas around what makes a good citizen and then made our own posters promoting how to be a GREAT CITIZEN!

Monday 28th February- Friday 4th March

This week we celebrated 'World Book Day'; the children took part in a range of activities including: guess the character quiz, creating an animal model, writing a book recommendation and writing animal poetry. 

Week 1 - Monday 21st - Friday 25th February 2022

This week in Geography, we've been learning all about lines of longitude and latitude. We used an atlas to work in pairs to find the equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Artic circle and the Antarctic circle. Then, we used an atlas to help us find lines and longitude for different continents and oceans.

Look at our great work!