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Spring 2

Our Learning for Spring 2


What we will be learning in Spring 2:

English -  The Polar Bear Explorers' Club 

Maths - Fractions and Decimals 

Science - Living Things and Their Habitats

Geography - How different are the Polar Regions to the UK? 

D&T - Electrical Circuits: Make a torch

Computing - Digital Literacy & Online Safety 

Physical Education - 

Religious Education - Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?


Music - Singing - Blackbird by The Beatles

Values - Responsibility

Learner Attitude - Problem Solver


Our Class Novel

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Monday 4th April - Friday 8th April


Achievers of the Week - Lucas, Alaiyah, Seb

Reader of the Term - Skye

Mathematician of the Term - Renee


Another half-term comes to an end! 4S have worked extremely hard over the last seven weeks and both Miss van de Stouwe and Miss Fitzgibbon wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break. Please make sure you check the 'Home Learning Challenges' page for the project that needs to be completed. With the Times Tables Check coming up in the Summer term too, please be working with your child/children to help prepare them. On Times Tables Rock Stars, the 'Sound Check' game is in the same format as the Times Table Check.

Learning has still been taking place and we've done lots to finish off our half-term topics. In French, we have been looking at how to explain where we live with Mrs Campbell. Take a look at our work below by Myah, Harry, Skye and Renee. 

Wednesday 30th March 2022 - Geography Day!


Year 4 had a brilliant day showcasing their super Geography work on the Polar Regions. Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who came along to hear all about our learning. The children were so enthusiastic and it was a pleasure to see them share their creations with you all. 


Monday 21st - Friday 25th March 2022


Achiever Focus - PE and Art

Achievers of the Week - Peter, Nicole and Arion

Reader of the Week - Josie


There's been lots of great learning happening in 4S this week. In English, we've designed our own mythical Arctic creatures and written a description of it. In Science, we investigated our own enquiries using secondary sources and then presented our findings to the class (pictures below). In Geography, we learned about the effects of climate change on the Ice caps and made our own news reports about the subject. There were also lots of smiles in our swimming lesson this week! 

Monday 7th - Friday 11th March 2022


Achiever Focus: Work to be PROUD of

Achievers of the Week: Myah, Darcy and Eli

Reader of the Week: Josie


We had a great start to the week with our Geography workshop on the Polar Regions (pictures are below). In Science, we have continued to learn about how to classify animals and created our own flow charts to work out which species belongs to which animal group. In D&T we used our knowledge from our Electricity unit from last half term to make a circuit for our torches using switches. In Guided Reading and English, we have continued reading The Polar Bear Explorers' Club and created our own rules for the our own Explorer Clubs. 

Polar Regions Workshop


We had a fantastic workshop from One Day Creative all about the Polar Regions - the Arctic and Antarctica. Using drama and movement, we learned lots about explorers to the regions and the conditions they had to tackle as well as the differing types of ice and the importance of the Polar Regions to our world. 


It began with a quiz...


Next, we used drama to recreate the Polar winds that can stop a man in his tracks! These are strong winds that never stop blowing across the Arctic and Antactica.

After playing a game, we then paired up to create ice sculptures. We made penguins, polar bears and icebergs. Can you tell which is which?

Finally, we recreated the life of Ernest Shackleton - one of the first explorers to attempt to reach the South Pole in 1914. We used drama and freeze frames to tell his story. 

World Book Day - March 2022


What a great day we've had celebrating World Book Day! Our theme this year was 'Animals' as a way of celebrating the animal heroes in fiction tales. There have been some brilliantly creative costumes and we've made our own animal poems and created animal 'roll models'. Take a look through the pictures of our day:


Monday 21st - Friday 25th February 2022


Achiever Focus: Responsibility

Achievers of the Week: Eli, Phoebe and Faryal


Welcome back 4S! We've had an excellent start to Spring 2 with lots of learning happening already. In Geography, we learned about where in the world the polar regions are and looked into which countries are within the Arctic Circle in the northern hemisphere. In Science, we began looking into how we can group different animals based on their characteristics. We also went on a habitat hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find. Our English topic kicked off with reading the first two chapters of The Polar Bear Explorers' Club by Alex Bell. As inspiration for our writing this week, we created 'How To...' guides in looking after a pygmy pet. Have a read of some of our guides below: