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Spring 2

What we will be learning in Spring 2:

English -  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Maths - Fractions

Science - How we see things

Geography - The Mediterranean Region and Spain

Art - Gaudi

Computing - Communication and Email

Physical Education - Dance

Religious Education - 

French Numbers to 30


Values - Responsibility

Learner Attitude - Problem Solver

Monday 4th April - Friday 8th April.


We have made it! After a very busy half term, the Easter holidays have finally arrived! Despite it being the last week we have been as busy as ever with our learning and had a great week! In English, we started the week off by creating our very own chocolate treats inspired by our class book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We had great fun inventing these and then over the rest of the week we looked at instructional writing and wrote up our recipes. In maths, we continued our learning with fractions and began to explore and investigate equivalent fractions. We used our fractions tiles to help us see patterns and relationships between the pairs of equivalent fractions. We have also been busy with our times tables, and today we treated ourselves to a Times Table treasure hunt! In Science, we finished off our Light and Shadows topic and are excited to be using our home learning challenge as an opportunity to reflect on the learning we have gained and showcase it in a creative way. 


It has been a wonderful half term - and you have all worked extremely hard and made everyone proud! Enjoy the break and I can't wait to see you back after the holidays! 

Investigating equivalent fractions

Our Easter bonnets

Monday 28th March - Friday 1st April


Wow! What a fabulous week it has been in school this week! It was lovely to see so many parents and carers at our Geography Showcase on Wednesday, and I am sure you will agree with me when I say what a tremendous job they did showcasing all their amazing work! It was lovely to see them all show off not just their academic learning but also shine a light on so many of our learner attitudes and values that we promote within our school: teamworker, problem solvers, curious questioners, clear communicators, responsibility, love, aspiration and most importantly courage! As a school, we were so immensely proud of their efforts and achievements and all that is left for me to say is I hope you enjoy having a little look at us in action smiley

Monday 21st March - Friday 25th March


What a wonderful week it has been this week! The children have been very busy with their learning and also enjoyed showing off all of their achievements to the parents and carers. In maths this week, we have continued our fractions journey and have focused a lot of tenths - counting in them, converting them to decimals, and identifying them. We have also been been looking at finding different unit fractions of amounts, and have used our multilinks cubes and place value counters to help us. In English we have continued to read our class text 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' - with a focus on writing a description about the chocolate room. Some of the descriptions, were so good I almost wanted to eat the books. Dance, has seen us once again being choreographers creating our own 32 count routine. This week we looked at how we could include a cannon within the dance alongside using different directions and level. As part of our study into the works of Antonio Guadi, we began to make and sculpt our own tiles which we will then paint and use to create our own Trencadis pieces. 


As you can see it's been busy busy - here's just a little snapshot of us in action.

Creating fraction and decimal numberlines

The beginnings of our Trencadis masterpieces

Monday 7th March - Friday 11th March


What a wonderful week of learning we have had this week. In PE we have been busy taking on the role as a choreographer, learning about the 5 aspects of a routine and thinking carefully about how we can keep to the count of 4 within each element. In this week's lesson we focused on how we could use direction and level to our routines. In maths, we have been busy continuing our fractions journey and have had fun using fraction tiles and cubes to find quarters, thirds and halves of different amounts and have begun to explore what makes a whole. In English, we have been busy writing a diary entry in the role of Charlie Bucket - we were focusing on how we could include adverbs into our writing and also worked extremely hard on developing character throughout this piece of writing. We have also spent some time in art looking at the Spanish artist Antonio Gaudi, and have created our own animal artwork using his trencadis style. Finally, in Geography we have spent time exploring the Mediterranean Region, with a particular focus on comparing the cities of Manchester and Barcelona to each other. 



Our artwork