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Spring 1

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English: How To Live Forever  & Alma 

Maths: Ration & Proportion, Decimals & Percentages 

Science: Electricity  

History: World War 2 

Art: Sculpture 

Computing: Computer Science 

Physical Education:  Dance & Gymnastics 

Religious Education: Is it better to express your religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity? 

French: Family 

Music: Performance

Value: Aspiration 

Learner Attitude: Curious Questioner 

Monday 6th February - Friday 9th February 

We tested our problem solving skills in science this week by working in teams to 'Escape the Wind Farm'. Each team had to find the 10 problems around the room relating to electricity. When the clue was solved, a digit would be revealed to create a 10 digit key. To escape the room and earn marbles, the teams had to work together and find all of the digits.


We also met with our year 3. Both year 3 and year 6 brought their art books to share their work with their buddies. It was lovely to see the year 3's talking about their portraits units and showing off their fantastic work with the year 6's. The year 3 buddies were very impressed by the year 6's art books!

Meeting Our Year 3 Buddies

Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February

This week, we enjoyed publishing our 'Rebel Writing' poems for display. We also had a poetry celebration assembly to listen to children reading their poems. 




We are really enjoying watching the spooky video 'Alma' in English. Next week we will be writing the narrative so we have been practising starting sentences in a variety of ways using 'DADWAVERS'.

Monday 23rd January - Friday 27th January

This week we set the challenge of writing a persuasive speech in role as the Ancient Child from 'How to Live Forever'.


The Ancient Child


The Ancient Child had read the book that granted him immortality.

We had to use our persuasive techniques to write a speech that would convince others NOT to the read the book.


I was SO impressed by the work produced.

Even better, so many of the class wanted to share their speeches with the rest of the class.

Monday 16th January - Friday 20th January

In values, we are thinking about curious questions. We got to know our classmates better by playing a game of facts bingo. We each had to write 9 things about ourselves and then move around to ask other people if they had anything the same in common. Anything left at the end was unique to us.


Monday 9th January - Friday 13th January


This week we were joined by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. They came to talk to year 6 about fire science, fire safety, smoke detection, home routines and calling 999.



In History, we discussed the support from the Commonwealth during WW2. We looked at 9 figures and had to rank them in order from most to least heroic. We had some interesting conversations and 4 of the 9 figures were chosen by different groups. Below is the groups presenting their work.

Tuesday 3rd January - Friday 6th January

Happy New Year!


It has only been a 4 day week but we have crammed in lots of fantastic learning. 

I am really impressed with the positive attitude that 6B have returned to school with and how hard they have worked.


We have read 'How to Live Forever' in English and have started reading our novel 'Wonderscape'. Only 1 chapter in, we can't wait to see what happens and already have some interesting predictions!


We have continued our learning about WWII in History this week by exploring the changing roles of women. We compared their role before, during and after the war and then researched one of the main jobs for women during the war. Take a look at our fantastic work below.