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Spring 1

Our Learning for Spring 1


What we will be learning this half term:

English - Writing outcomes: balanced argument, a scene & character description and a narrative
                Texts: Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

                              The Flood by Alvaro F.Villa 

                Guided Reading: Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Maths -  Fractions and Multiplication & Division

Science - Properties of Materials 

Geography - Rivers & Mountains

Art - Fashion design

Computing - Problem Solving 

Physical Education - Dodgeball

Religious Education - 

French - At the Zoo

Music - Singing: 

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious Questioner

Our Class Novel

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear, by Kieran Larwood

Week 6

Monday 6th - Friday 10th February 2023


Achiever Focus - Creative Presentation

Achievers of the Week - Leila, Jaiden and Ella R

Maths Star of the Week - Ama-Rose


Over the last two weeks in English, we have been putting our story-telling and editing skills to the test. Using the basic story of 'Birthday Bunny', we changed up our Bunnies and made them enjoy vastly different days. We took the opening of these edited stories and re-wrote them as if they were the beginning of a chapter book. Finally, we shared our edited stories and new-and-improved Bunnies with Year 3. 

Week 5

Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February


Achiever Focus - Aspirations

Achievers of the Week - Seb and Yuvraj

Reader of the Week - Moony

Maths Star of the Week - Leila


We had an exciting day on Wednesday as it was Aspirations Day. We had visitors come in who shared with us their what they do for their careers. It was very interesting learning about what it takes to be a Radio Producer and a Physiotherapist for the England National Amputee Football Team. We also had a session with 'Tech She Can' and learned more about space travel. Our challenge was to design a spacesuit for when people live on the Moon! The day was rounded off by a performance from Pop Project who used song and story telling to inspire great aspirations. 

Week 4

Monday 23rd January - Friday 27th January 2023


Achiever Focus - Writing

Achievers of the Week - Summer, Bonnie E and Reuben

Reader of the Week - Seb

Maths Star of the Week - Maggie


Year 5 are please to know that we have come to the end of our first Fractions unit in Maths. From next week we will start Multiplication, looking at multiplying numbers by a 2-digit number. For Geography, we looked at the different parts of a river and created our own maps, labelling each part. In English, 5S looked at using the 5 senses to help build description and used their examples to help them create a character and scene description based on Kensuke's Kingdom. As part of our Values & Attitudes learning, we had a good discussion about why sleep is important for our minds and bodies. In Science, we tested 6 materials to see which are soluble and insoluble. 

Week 3

Monday 16th January - Friday 20th January 2023


Achiever Focus - Pupil Choice

Achievers of the Week - Bonnie W, Ama-Rose and Leo

Reader of the Week - Elizabeth

Maths Stars of the Week - Summer and Leo


It has been an enjoyable week in Year 5. Wednesday was Poetry Day and we had an inspiring session with Manchester poet, Matt Goodfellow. He explained his story of how he became a poet, shared some of his poems with us and gave us the tools we needed to start making our own poems. As well as this, we've carried on with our usual lessons. It was a tricky week in Maths using our knowledge of equivalent fractions and converting between mixed number and improper fractions in order to help us add fractions of different denominators. We had our second session with Sale Sharks Rugby, we used our teamwork skills to help win games. 



Week 2

Monday 9th January - Friday 13th January 2023


Achiever Focus - Curious Questioner

Achievers of the Week - Rory and Leila

Reader of the Week - Maggie


5S have worked very hard this week in all areas of their learning. We have persevered in Maths when looking at the tricky concept of comparing fractions with different denominators. In Science, we looked at different materials and discussed their properties, looking at why certain materials are used for certain objects. Following on from our Water Cycle work last week in Geography, we got out the atlases and located some of the world's major rivers. In English, we had a second go at writing a balanced argument looking at the for and against points for going on an around-the-world sailing trip based on our text, Kensuke's Kingdom. 


Week 1 

Tuesday 3rd - Friday 6th January 2023