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Spring 1

English - The Lighthouse

Maths -  Multiplication and Division 

Science - Electricity

History - Ancient Greeks

Art - Clay

Computing -  Digital literacy 

Physical Education - Tag Rugby

Religious Education - Why are festivals important

French - Food

Music - Stop

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious questioner

Monday 6th February - Friday 10th - What an action packed half term we have had in 4M. To finish off the half term, we have been thinking about children's mental health and today (Friday) we have all dressed to express our own moods. Have a great half term break and stay safe.

Monday 30th January - Friday 3rd February - This week the children were learning about the Trojan War in history. After learning the story, the children used drama to re-create the main parts.

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th - This week in science, the children have been making their own complete circuits using wires, bulbs and batteries. Later, the children added a switch into their circuits and we talked about why the switch turned the bulb on and offf.

Monday 16th January- Friday 20th January

This week in Art and in preparation for creating our own sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth the children investigated the effect of using different tools on clay.  

Week 2 - Monday 9th- Friday 13th January - This week in P.E, the children in 4M have been learning how to use 'pocket passing' in tag rugby. Later in the lesson, they introduced defenders to try and intercept the ball.

Week 1 - 3rd - 5th January - 4M started the new school year off by talking about turning over a new leaf and setting oursleves targets and goals. We collected them all in to make our new year's resolution tree.