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Spring 1

English - The Lighthouse

Maths -  Multiplication and Division 

Science - Electricity

History - Ancient Greeks

Art - Clay

Computing -  Digital literacy 

Physical Education - Tag Rugby

Religious Education - What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?

French - Food

Music - Stop

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious questioner

Monday 30th January- Friday 3rd of February, 4H have had anither super week at VPJS. They have particularly enjoyed creating freeze frames in History to retell the story of the Trojan Horse.

Monday 16th January- Friday 20th January

This week in Art and in preparation for creating our own sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth the children investigated the effect of using different tools on clay.  

Week 1 & 2: What a fantastic start to 2023! The class have settled back in to year 4 amazingly well I am so impressed. Last week we took some time to reflect on our aspirations for the coming year and thought about specific targets we could set ourselves. This week our achievement focus was 'curious questioners' and the children came up with some fantastic questions that they would like to find out about the world.