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Spring 1

Our Learning for Spring 1


What we will be learning in Spring 1:

English -  Grammar:
                Animation: Lighthouse
                Text: King Arthur

 Reading: Non-Fiction texts on the Anglo-Saxons and Electricity

Maths - Multiplication & Division, Area and Fractions

Science - Electricity

History - What happened to Britain once the Romans left? A study into the Anglo-Saxons

D&T - Electrical Circuits: Make a torch

Computing - Digital Literacy & Online Safety 

Physical Education - Dance & Handball

Religious Education - Why are festivals important?


Music - Stop!

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious Questioner

Week 6 (7th-11th February)


Achievers of the week- Liam and Bonnie W

Reader of the week- Bobby-Lee

What a wonderful end to the half term we have had. 4H and I have decided that this half term has flown by! I wanted to say a big well done 4H to all of their hard work on TT rockstars this week. 4S just pipped us to the post but the competition between the two classes was wonderful! Times tables have been a huge focus for us this half term and everybody has made progress! Well done 4H! In R.E this week, we have been thinking about different festivals and why they are celebrated. We thought about an event that we might like to celebrate and why it is worth celebrating. Here is some wonderful work from: Max, Bonnie W and Leo.

Week 5 (31st January- 4th February)

Reader of the week- Summer

Achievers of the week- Ella R, Malaki & Cham


It has been another fabulous week in 4H! The children had their last swimming lesson on Friday which they thoroughly enjoyed! They have made so much progress with their swimming over the year and should feel very proud! This week as always we have had a very busy week! In English we have been writing a persuasive advert based on our text King Arthur. Here are some lovely pieces of work from: Malaki, Liam & Cham!

Week 4 (24-28th January)

Achievers of the week- Reuben, Leila & Luke


Wow what an amazing spelling and vocabulary day we have had! 4H have all come to school as ambitious words and we have all had fun guessing what the words are! We have made a class dictionary which included thinking of synonyms for our words to make them even more ambitious! We have designed our own spelling game and entered a school mascot competition. Well done on a brilliant day 4H!

Week 3 (17th-21st January)

Reader of the week- Elizabeth

Achiever of the week- Rory, Sienna & Elizabeth

Yet again, 4H have had a fantastic week! When the children look back in their books, they can see the astonishing progress that they have made in such a short space of time! This week, we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of a lighthouse keeper. You will notice the fantastic sentence openers that we are using! Keep up the hard work 4H!  Here are some wonderful pieces of writing from: Romaisa, Yuvraj & Bonnie W.

Week 2 (10th-14th January)

Reader of the week- Malaki

Achievers of the week- Noah, Yuvraj and Leo


It has been another fantastic week in 4H! It is such a pleasure to watch everybody make progress in all aspects of their learning. Lots of lightbulb moments this week! Over the week, 4H have had such wonderful feedback from various members of staff and their swimming teachers. It really does make me so proud! This week, we have started our new science unit on electricity. We did some research to find out about appliances that run on electricity. Here are some snazzy jazzy pages from: Amy, Elliot and Leila!


Week 1 

What a brilliant first week back 4H have had! The children have all had a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards their learning. Keep it up 4H! For this half term our value is aspiration. Today we had a think about what it means to be a lifelong learner. We also had a think about ways that, as a learner, we are constantly growing and achieving. Here are our learning goals for in school and out of school this year.