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Spring 1

What we will be learning in Spring 1:


English The Nowhere Emporium

Maths -  Multiplication and division

Science - Forces

History - The History of Manchester 

Design Technology - Moving Toys

Computing - Digital Literacy (Online Safety) and Internet Safety Day

Physical Education - Tag rugby with Sale Sharks

Religious Education - Why do some people believe God exists?

French - Hobbies

Music - Living on a Prayer

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious Questioner

Monday 24th January - 27th January

Wow! What a busy week it has been in Year 5! We have continued to learn all about the Industrial Revolution and how it changed Manchester, mastered 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication in Maths, wrote a setting description in English concentrating on our vocabulary choices and were coached by Sale Sharks to develop our skills in Tag Rugby.




If all that wasn't enough...we have also be learning all about cams and followers in our Design & Technology topic of moving toys. The children created their own prototype to investigate what would happen to the movement of a 'follower' when the shape of the cam was changed.

Hard at work during Design & Technology...

Monday 17th - Friday 21st January : This week the children have been researching and learning about the impact the Industrial Revolution had on Manchester and the advantages and disadvantages of this era..

Monday 10th - Friday 14th January 2022 5M got to visit Manchester United football stadium today. They attended a workshop on racism in football and also got to go on the tour of the stadium. To finish the day the children played football on the Apollo pitch.