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Spring 1


English- Wonderscape 

Maths - Decimals & Percentages 

Science - Living Things & Habitats 

History- Crime & Punishment 

Design Technology- Mechanisms  

Computing - Online Safety 

Physical Education -  Dance & Gymnastics 

Religious Education - Is it better to express your religion in art and architecture or charity and generosity? 

French - Family 

Music -  Classroom Jazz 

Value - Aspiration 

Learner attitude - Curious Questioner

Monday 7th February - Friday 11th February

It's been an extremely busy week for 6ET this week and they are all ready for a well- deserved rest.  On Tuesday, the children concluded with their experiment 'What makes mould grow?'; there were some very gross results.  We found out that mould grows best in warm, damp conditions and that it needs nutrients.

In English, we finished reading 'Wonderscape' and wrote our own chapters for the book.  Using the laptops, we researched our own chosen heroes (mimics) to be included in our realms.

In design and technology, we have been creating a moving toy (carousel); to help us we have been investigating different cams.

Monday 31st January- Friday 4th February

On Tuesday, the children gathered information about Carl Linnaeus, who was a famous scientist, he developed a way to classify all living things.  Using the information they had gathered the children created quizzes to test each other on.

Mrs Biddulph was impressed with some of our Reading Record entries this week.....

On Thursday, 6ET became recruits to the prison service!  The children met a Victorian prison warder who had travelled out of the Victoria prison to explain how crime was punished in Victorian times.  As new recruits, 6ET learnt hands-on what it was like to be a Victorian prisoner, whilst also exploring a cell and the items within it.

The children participated in various interactive hard labour tasks to experience how pointless and unproductive they were.  They also learnt about how children who had committed crimes could be given the same punishments as adults and they were able to identify the different punishments that could be used.

Monday 24th January- Friday 28th January

In science, we have started to investigate the conditions which cause mould to grow.  In partners, the children placed a slice of bread in a plastic bag in their chosen conditions e.g. light and warm; dark and cold; damp and warm.  The bread will be observed over the next week to see which conditions are the most suitable for mould to grow.

This week in maths, we have continued to develop our knowledge and understanding of decimals.  We have recapped how to multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.  In addition, the children have been multiplying and dividing decimals by integers- the children then applied their learning to solving problems involving decimals.

On Friday, the children celebrated the wonderful world of words and expanded their vocabulary.  The children to part in a range of activities, these included:

  • Guess the word
  • Creating a dictionary entry page for their word
  • Creating a vocabulary themed game
  • Design a vocabulary VPJS mascot for the competition

Monday 17th January- Friday 21st January

This week in science, the children imagined that a new zoo was going to open in their local area.  The children acted as taxonomists; they sorted and grouped the animals that would live in the zoo, so that similar species could be housed in enclosures near one another.

In English, the children have continued and enjoyed reading 'Wonderscape'; they wrote guides about how to look after 'Cloud' who we found out is not just an ordinary dog......

Monday 10th January- Friday 14th January

In English, the children have started to read our new book for this half term - 'Wonderscape'.   

On Wednesday, the children produced artwork that was inspired by what they had read so far.