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Spring 1

What we will be learning in Spring 1:

English -  The Village of the round and square houses, Orion and the Dark

Maths Multiplication and division, statistics

Science - Rocks

Geography Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Art - Portrait drawing and painting

Computing Microsoft PowerPoint

Physical Education Dance

Religious Education - Why do people pray?

French Parts of the body, counting to 30

Music Bringing us together

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious Questioner

Monday 31st January - Friday 4th February 2022



This week, we have been looking at mulitplication and division using counters. We had lots of fun exploring the method and soon got the hang of it. 







In Geography, we have been looking at the effect of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and the impact they have on the people who live near them. 




Monday 24th January - Friday 28th January 2022



We started another fantastic picture book called Orion and The Dark which is about a boy who is afraid of lots of things but particularly the dark. We started by talking about what we were afraid of and drew our own 'circle of fears'. Check some of them out below:



Vocabulary Day

We had lots of fun during our first VPJS Vocabulary Day! We had a 'guess the word' game, made a class dictionary/thesaurus and designed a VPJS Vocabulary mascot to be entered into a whole school competition so stay tuned to see who wins that.








Monday 17th January - Friday 21st January 2022



We have been looking at a new book 'The Village of the Round and Square Houses'. Last week, we wrote a paragraph to describe the setting of the village of Tos and another paragraph describing Mount Naka volcano EXPLODING! At the beginning of this week, we edited and improved our paragraphs to include lots of wonderful vocabulary. Have a read of our wonderful work below:






As part of our Volcanoes and Earthquakes topic, we have been looking at the layers of the Earth and the different parts of a volcano. We also came up with lots of actions for each part to help us remember.