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Spring 1

Our Learning for Spring 1


What we will be learning in Spring 1:

English -  Animation: Lighthouse
                Text: King Arthur

                Guided Reading: Non-Fiction texts on the Anglo-Saxons and Electricity

Maths - Multiplication & Division, Area and Fractions

Science - Electricity

History - What happened to Britain once the Romans left? A study into the Anglo-Saxons

D&T - Electrical Circuits: Make a torch

Computing - Digital Literacy & Online Safety 

Physical Education - Dance & Handball

Religious Education - Why are festivals important?

French - Transport

Music - Glockenspiel

Values - Aspiration

Learner Attitude - Curious Questioner

Our Class Novel

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Monday 24th - Friday 28th January 2022


Achiever Focus: Presentation in all work

Achievers: Lucas, Peter and Faryal

Reader of the Week: Nicole


It's been an exciting week! As well as all our usual learning, we had a brilliant Friday celebrating Vocabulary in the school. As well as guessing our words (and coming up with amazing synonyms for each), we made our own class dictionary, created a vocabulary board game and had a go at designing a vocabulary mascot for the school. Thank you so much to all who dressed up - the thought and effort that was put in was fantastic! Take a look through the pictures below, can you guess all the words we were?

Monday 18th - Friday 21st January 2022


Achiever Focus: Foundation Subjects

Achievers of the Week - Mila and Sara

Readers of the Week - Alaiyah and Oliver


We've had a great week in 4S. In our learning, we wrote an amazing diary entry as the Lighthouse Keeper using exciting vocabulary and learning how to show emotions through writing. In Guided Reading, we focused on scanning as a skill to help us with retrieval questions. We learnt about the Jewish festival, Purim, in RE and we showed great maturity when discussing prejudices such as anti-Semitism. In History, we learnt about 'push' and 'pull' factors that caused the Anglo-Saxon tribes to migrate. And, in Science, we got out the electrical components and learned how to make a complete circuit.


Miss van de Stouwe would also like to mention how well we are all doing on our times tables too - keep up the hard work! 

Don't forget to check Spelling Shed for the new spelling rules we are covering in Year 4. If you click on 'More Lists' once you are logged in, you will be able to find them all in there. 

Monday 10th - Friday 14th January 2022


Reader of the Week - Lucas

Achievers of the Week - Nicole, Seb and Alaiyah


It has been a fantastic week of learning in 4S! We're trying out new groups in Maths to help us with our multiplication and division work. Both Miss van de Stouwe and Mrs Holmes are so pleased with the work we have completed in factor pairs and multiplying 3 numbers. In English, we have been using the animation 'The Lighthouse' to help us write a scene setting description. Our challenge was to try using the weather as a way of building suspense. In R.E., we looked at the festival of Passover to understand why it is important to those who follow Judaism. We started our topic of Anglo-Saxons this week too, looking at where the different tribes came from and where they settled in Britain. Finally, in Science, we began looking at electricity. We learned that different electrical appliances need A/C and D/C circuits to work. Take a look at our work to learn more:

Thursday 6th - Friday 7th January 2022


Reader of the Week - Scott


Happy New Year and welcome back to all in 4S!