School closes for pupils on Thursday 22nd October and reopens on Monday 2nd November.
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Spelling, punctuation & grammar

This week's spelling focus: Statutory year 3 / 4 spelling list.


Please spend atleast 20 minutes on spelling shed this week.


Also, please learn these words. Maybe ask an adult to test you on these words.

Choose one word: can you think of a funny or interesting sentence to remember the word?



1. eight

2. enough

3. exercise

4. experience

5. experiment 


Look at the attached document below to help you practice this week's words.




WALT: use 'was' and 'were' correctly

was = singular       were = plural


  1. He (was/were) prepared for school.
  2. We (was/were) scared of thunder.
  3. I (was/were) excited about my new book.
  4. We (was/were) playing together as a team.
  5. She (was/were) my best friend.
  6. We (was/were) excited about the championship game.
  7. They (was/were) walking around the lake.
  8. He (was/were) a very sensible member of the class.
  9. Can you tell if they (was/were) prepared?
  10. Who (was/were) with us at the birthday party?





WALT: use the correct homophone

Use the correct homophone in the sentence below. 

You can either write the entire sentence out or just write the missing word.


to, too or two?

Are you going ______ the fair?

There are only ______ places left on the ride.

There are _______ many people here.



new or knew?

I _______ you would do that!

Do you like my __________ shoes?

This car is brand __________.



hear or here?

I can _________ the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks.

Come ______ please.

Can you ________ that spooky noise?