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Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Please spend at least 20 minutes on spelling shed this week.




WALT: punctuate direct speech


Look at the punctuation in the sentence below.

When you use the reported clause FIRST (Cinderella said. Miss Rowlands announced. Mr Wilkinson shouted), don't forget to use a comma AFTER the reported clause.

Inverted commas (or speech marks) go around what the person is saying

Remember to always use a capital letter at the start of what someone is saying.

Puncutuation INSIDE the inverted commas.


Cinderella exclaimed, Now I can go to the ball!





Add the correct punctuation to these sentences.



The wolf asked  where are you going little girl

Little Red Riding Hood replied I am going to visit my grandmother



Dear Grandmother what big ears you have exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood



little red riding hood cried what big eyes you have

the wolf replied all the better to see to you with my dear





Complete the sentences using direct speech. Make sure they are punctuated correctly.


The boy asked….


…… shouted the police officer.


The man said...






Is this sentence punctuated correctly? Explain your answer.


Tom said  “I must read my book before I go to bed.