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SPAG- Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Monday 18th May 2020 - Friday 22nd May 2020



This week, we are recapping our knowledge of prefixes. Prefixes are added to the beginning of words and can alter the meaning of the root word.


For example, possible means something can be done. By adding the prefix im- the word becomes impossible and the meaning changes to something that cannot be done. 


Over the week, have a go at the prefix activities. You should have your prefix spelling homework ready in your packs. 

Activity 1 - Prefix il-, im- and ir- 

Activity 2 - Prefix sub-


Challenge: What does the prefix sub- mean?

Activity 3 - Prefix bi-


Task: Add the prefix bi- to these words.

Challenge: How many bi- words can you use in one sentence?

Activity 4 - Contractions


Contractions are when two words have been squeezed together. For example do + not = don't. We use an apostrophe to represent the missing letter. 



Task 2: rewrite these sentences using the expanded form of the contracted words.


1. You don't need to wear your PE kit on Tuesday.

2. Why won't the birds be quiet in the morning?

3. Jack didn't know how to drive the bus.

4. Miss Rowlands couldn't believe how hard the children had worked in the morning.

5. In the afternoon, Miss van de Stouwe hadn't got the paints prepared for art.