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SPAG - Spelling, punctuation and grammar

This week's spelling focus: Statutory year 3 / 4 spelling list.


Please spend atleast 20 minutes on spelling shed this week practising these words



1. difficult

2. disappear

3. early

4. earth

5. eight


Look at the attached document below to help you practice this week's words.


Add the missing commas in these sentences below to mark the clause.


1. Even though it was raining the children went out to play.

2. When they saw the monster they ran away.

3. When year 4 come back to school Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe will be happy.

4. After mum picks me up she is going to buy me some new shoes.

5. Before I go to school I walk my dog.



Add the missing comma to mark the fronted adverbial.

1. All of a sudden the monster came out from behind the rock.

2. After a few hours we arrived at our destination.

3. Last week I went to the dentist

4. This week the year 4 children are coming into school

5. In September all the children will return to school.