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SPAG - Spelling, punctuation and grammar

This week's spelling focus: Statutory year 3 / 4 spelling list.


Please spend atleast 20 minutes on spelling shed this week practising these words



1. arrive

2. believe

3. bicycle

4. breath

5. breathe



Look at the attached document below to help you practice this week's words

SPAG FOCUS: pronouns

Have a go at writing the answers to these questions into your book.


Look at the sentence below:


The dog ate the food because the dog was hungry. Feeling tired, the dog then went to lie down in the dog’s bed.


The noun phrase ‘the dog’ has been used too many times so the sentence doesn’t sound right. Once the reader knows who we are talking about, we can replace some of the nouns with pronouns to avoid repetition. For example: The dog ate the food because he was hungry. Feeling tired, he then went to lie down in his bed.



Task: Underline the repeated noun or noun phrase in each sentence, and then replace it with a pronoun to avoid repetition



1. Jessica was running late for school so Jessica went on Jessica’s bike to get there on time.


2. The mouse was foraging for food when the mouse saw a fox. The mouse then rushed into the mouse’s hole before the mouse was caught.


3.The lion shook the lion’s mane as the lion walked along the rock.


4. Jack and Jill went up the hill with Jack and Jill’s pail to fetch some water. Jack and Jill’s mum and had sent Jack and Jill because she needed water to cook with.